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Dear Fitness and Martial Arts Enthusiast,


Welcome to the web site and here’s a little about me and my Martial Arts and Fitness Courses


Back on X-mas of 1975 I received a month of Karate lessons from my older brother.


Since then I’ve been training in the arts,


Shaolin American Kempo Karate Kung-fu Jiu-Jitsu

started teaching in 1977 and then made a career of it in 1982.


I’ve placed 1st in both Fighting and Kata at different tournaments, and have had several successful schools.


I’m fully dedicated to helping people get Strong & Healthy,

While at the same time developing a skill that could save you or your loved ones life.


In other words…..


Fitness with a Purpose!!!


Over the last 30 years plus, I’ve been lucky to have been taught by many Masters and Grandmasters giving me a broad & unique knowledge of Martial Arts and Chi-Kung training.


I’ve also immersed myself in the lost strength training secrets of such strongmen of old like Siegmund Breitbart, Joe Bonomo, The Great Gama, Earle Liederman, George Jowett, Bruce Lee, Eugene Sandow and others.


And over the years I’ve received many Honors and Awards for my teaching and efforts, and have been on the board of directors for some of the Largest Martial Arts Organizations in the world.


" I love your moves and the execution and effectiveness. Your hand speed is amazing. It's also amazing how few of today’s martial artists use the open hands and the traditional blocks and rapid fire strikes to vital and vulnerable areas of the head, neck and body.

So many fighters don’t want to spend the time nor want to pay the dues to LEARN these valuable TOOLS correctly from a MASTER such as you.

I am more than impressed, and with your permission BORROW some of your drills…

Great technique, fast, effective and professional! I endorse them!!!!

I recommend everyone even Masters to take a look and incorporate these hand drills and teachings into your system.

Fast, Effective and Easy to Learn" – Master Danny Lane (Chuck Norris Black Belt & Friend for over 30 years)


Danny Lane & Chuck Norris


Danny Lane & Linda Lee
(Bruce Lee’s wife)



It is now my hope to teach & help you!!!


Whether it’s to get an “Athletic body” and not a “Gym body”, learn how to protect yourself, or both.


I’m constantly adding new products to my list as I produce them, so please check back again.


Now if this is your first time at the site, you might want to know how to get started.


If you’re looking for training at our school, click on ether the Children’s or Adult Programs.


If you’re looking for Martial Arts or Fitness products then click the Product link, or scroll down for a sampler of the most popular courses.


Thank you for visiting, and I hope we can work together soon!!!


Stay Strong & Safe,


James Brassard


Honorary Doctorates of Martial Arts Philosophy
Honorary Doctorates of Martial Arts Science

Soke / Grandmaster &
10thDegree Black Belt
TV Show Producer & Host / International Author
Multiple Martial Arts Hall of Fame Recipient


martial arts kung fu speed fighting

Cung Lee MMA Fighter

Jeff Speakman Star of "The Perfect Weapon"

"Power Ranger"
Jason David Frank

speed striking martial arts video training fat burning health exercise

Hall Of Fame 2009

GM Ji Han Jae The Hapkido
Fighter that Bruce Lee fights
In "Game Of Death"

Don "Dragon" Wilson




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Shaolin Kempo Karate Combinations

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Martial Arts Strategies
Learn Old School Martial Arts skills that have been lost over the decades that will boost your abilities faster than you were ever taught before.


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