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Attention: Martial Artist, Boxers, MMA and ALL other forms of combative practitioners.  

Discover The HIDDEN KEYS To Lightning Fast Speed in
The Secrets of Speed Fighting Course
For ANY Form of Combat!!!
How would you like to learn how you can hit up to
TEN times a second & explode into action before they can blink an eye???

Dear Martial Arts Friends,

   "Your Knowledge is
Money in the Bank; BUT SPEED is money in your pocket!!!"
Your knowledge & strength are important to be sure, but if you can move at high levels of speed you can access those talents MUCH QUICKER!!! AND if you come up short in knowledge & strength....SPEED & SPEED alone will help fill the gap in your favor. It doesn't matter if you are a boxer , MMA, Karate guy or a hairdresser......
S peed is the absolute essence of ANY form of combat!!!

Tyson - Former Heavyweight Champion of the WORLD 
" I was never a big heavy weight, when I was in my prime I never weighed over 217, 219, but me and my trainer Customato we always put a great deal of emphasis on our speed and combinations. He always told me...Speed kills, Speed is what kills, the Speed kills."
- Mike Tyson 

I have been in the martial arts for over 40 years and have been a FULL TIME instructor for over 34 years, that's teaching and practicing 4-6 days a week 52 weeks a year.
In those years I accumulated insights into speed fighting from tons of courses and Masters, as well as developing drills that work 100% of the time.

You see, I started training when Bruce Lee was a household word. And back then as now, speed is the name of the game.
In those days there were no tiny-tigers or little-ninjas in class. It was marines, bodybuilders and bouncers. I, being all of 120 lbs. had to go against these guys....... AND I DID!!!
I HAD to move quicker or get squashed . So I relied on and developed my speed. In fact, I became the go-to guy to see if they could stop me from hitting them.
So since the 70's I have kept the notes of anything I heard or saw pertaining to speed. Not to mention, I studied EVERY course & book out there on the subject as well. I t was a matter of survival for me.

And Now I will be sharing these things for the FIRST TIME EVER!!!!

(Like my "Holy-Grail Speed Drill" which when learned will enhance your speed instantly, more about this later.)

Before I go into detail, let me give you a snapshot of what's in this course.......
Speed Hitting Secrets Revealed

-An Amazing Secret that will have you seeing him move in slow motion
-My never seen before drill that will make your speed skyrocket

-The one little thing you can do to freeze him in his tracks so you can strike them 

-The LAW that governs your response and reaction time and why it makes you faster, based on scientific
st udies that is irrefutable!!!

-The most important move in any attack or counterattack for speed

-How & why hitting your opponent can and will boost your speed

-Learn an advanced flow-drill that will allow you to deliver 10 blows in a second!!!

Now, let's take a much closer look inside this 4 DVD & 1 CD course and what you will learn and can put to work for you.....  
GM Brassard
   Secrets of Speed
           Vol. 1 


- Quick-Stance : How you should stand in combat for speed. With a lesson from the greatest swordsman in Japanese history to drive this lesson home. Learning this will make you "Float like a butterfly...."   If you don't know this, you're  fighting in Quick-Sand.
-The Rules that were discovered on response and reaction time and how they will streamline your art. This is the heart of this course and when learned it will increase your reaction time. You will also learn what to prioritize in your system of combat for MUCH FASTER GAINS IN RANK & ABILITY!!! The " Deck of Cards" test with this lesson will prove this to you, and also the............ 
Power of Decisions
-Learn what is Quicker than your opponent's reaction. This is one of those lessons that give instant results for speed fighting/hitting when applied....... You will NOW have FULL control of your opponent when you learn this!!!  

-Learn how long a fight should last. Get this thought in your head, and faster fighting HAS follow!!!!

  And other strategies are covered as well......
Chuck Norris & Danny Lane
" I highly endorse GM Brassard's SPEED Training Course and his applications to Self - Defense with his style and techniques. 
Keep in mind that most vital and vulnerable targets we strike on the neck and head are more affected by speed and angle of the strike instead of muscle tension.

Such as the projectile fired from a gun is small in mass and weight but the SPEED and VELOCITY is what causes death.
Do yourself a favor and study how to increase speed thus increasing power without lifting a weight.

I highly endorse GM Jim Brassard's Speed training course. Speed Kills!!!"
- Master Danny Lane Chuck Norris Senior Leader and Living Legend in the Martial Arts
Master Lane is right on target because.........
The laws of Physics PROVES there is MORE POWER with SPEED!!!
"Grandmaster Brassard
Dr. Piwonka-Corle
I had the honor to meet you at your Colorado seminar. I am a physicist with some experience in several of the energy/martial arts. Just to reinforce what you are saying in this letter. 
In physics we learn that...
Energy = 1/2 x Mass x Velocity^2
That last ter m is speed squared.
That means that for two people with the same arm size, if one of them punches twice as fast that punch will deliver 4 times the energy. If they can punch 4 times faster, that is 16 times the energy - a real knockout blow in one strike!!!" - Tim Piwonka-Corle, Ph.D.
That's a Ph.D. in PHYSICS!!!!!
Tim is a student I teach in Boulder CO, he sent me this to back up the teachings in this course.
It seems there are some "Partial-Artists" out there that have been taught AND believe that there is NO power with increased speed. As if they are separate from one another. NOTHING could be further from the truth...... as you just learned power goes up exponentially with speed
The simple fact is...there is no POWER without SPEED!!!

Secrets of Speed Fighting
Strategies PT. 2

- Stop-Hitting : Taking a lesson from the "11 Hands of the Buddha", you not only learn how to decrease your block and counter time ......BUT I will also show you the m ental secret that will hyper-accelerate this , and when learned this the results are almost instant. One of my first mentors showed me this mind-trick and it works like gang-busters!!!
- Learn how to beat the attack : during this lesson you will learn how to effectively stop a hay-maker, cross over sidekick
(Bruce Lee demonstrates this when fighting Chuck Norris in "Return of the Dragon") and roundhouse kick so easily you will be stunned, as well as the Law that governs this concept so you can apply it to any attack . This concept was brilliantly portrayed in the movie "Hunt for Red October" starring Sean Connery

-Learn how to retract your strike so that it increases its speed as well as penetration.
-Discover how your Martial Arts belt can be used to develop a faster strike: This drill has NEVER been seen and will blow you away at how fast and easy it will work for you.
-Learn a law of physics that will help ricochet you to lightning fast combinations of strikes.
- What little thing you can do to freeze him in his tracks so you can easily land your first blow. This is a sneak peek into the "Soul-Seizure" Fighting system.
- Discover how to achieve Time Distortion : Here I will show you what 2 things you put together to start perceiving your opponent moving in slow motion. This will require some mental work that takes a little time, BUT well worth it.....When developed, you will begin to see the fastest fighter move as if they were submerged in water.
Secrets of Speed
Fighting Vol. 3

 Discover How to Double Your Speed Hitting in Just Days

Meed with "The Rock" on set of Fast Five
When I received Grandmaster Brassard's Speed Course, I was taking some time off to heal up from some injuries. I did the Red Line Drill about 3 or 5 times full speed, and I was definitely not impressed with my speed, or lack thereof
About a week later, I started up with my workouts again, and on my first day back to training, I performed the Red Line Drill at full speed.

I was amazed at how fast I was moving. Literally, it seemed like I was 10 times faster than the first time I attempted it......it was like Night & Day!!!

I highly recommend Grandmaster Brassard's Speed Course because IT WORKS!!!!" -
Geoff Meed Hollywood actor, Black Belt and student of GM Brassard
Red-Line Drill: This drill Chuck Norris used to teach in the 70's. You can use this forgotten drill to reach further and further toward your maximum speed.

It's an exhausting drill, aerobic, calorie intensive and one that requires as much mental effort as well as physical.

The Red-Line drill forces you to dig deep into yourself to pull out whatever it takes to move faster than you ever have before. There is no restraint in the Red-Line Phase 4.

To reap maximum benefits, you must seize the moment and pull out all the internal strength you have to push yourself to reach speeds greater than you thought were your maximum, and the Red-Line drill promises this.

Learn my "Holy Grail Speed Drill"
This has rarely been taught  
or seen before, and is the most important drill in my course!!

I discovered this secret back in the 70's during a conversation with my mentor at that time.

He seemed to tap in to the cosmic consciousness of the universe that day and showed me what he did for speed.......
It was genius in its simplicity. 

S ince then I've molded it into other variations and have perfected it. I will take you through the several stages during a workout with two students so you can understand it completely. 
I can promise you when you practice this ONE drill alone you will see results in your speed...... IMMEDIATELY!!!!!    

And you want to know the REAL kicker to this drill is, once you obtain an amazing level of speed, you don't have to do it more than a couple times a month to maintain it.....
AND it only takes about 10-15 minutes to do!!!!!
My Partner Speed Test

A drill never been seen before. I developed this right after the Holy-Grail drill to test out my speed against another opponent in the 70's.

This drill will help you to beat another's blocking as well as when reversed will increase the speed of your blocks as well.

  As you practice this drill, you will start to get a sixth sense as to when the opponent will move, and develop cat-like reflexes!!!    

During the filming of the 'Partner Speed Test" segment, I was shooting from the hip while teaching. And a dirty little trick for landing a hand strike was accidently shown. 

It's an important secret in one of my other course..... the " Secrets of Striking in the Martial Arts" 

You'll see my partner completely off-guard and get smacked as if he were sleeping while I'm speaking. It's amazing what can pop out when teaching, you instructors out there know what I'm talking about.

I stumbled on to this concept many years ago while watching a Grandmaster hit his opponent with ease..........THEN it was done on ME!!!!! After enough times I figured out what the hell was going on.

I can't get into the details without spilling the beans, BUT its GENIUS in it's simplicity!!! 

NOTE: There's also a warning to who should NOT attempt it.

I don't go into to all the details on how this works and how it applies to different strikes, BUT enough is shown in real time to get you thinking!!!

For now I can say "It's Magical" (If you're a magician, that's a hint)
Secrets Of Speed
Fighting Vol. 4

In the fourth volume I cherry picked techniques that will increase speed and make you more efficient in your strikes.

GM Parker with his most famous student, Elvis Presley
" The purpose of techniques is to define as well as increase an individual ' s vocabulary of movements: As his vocabulary of movements increases, he becomes more expressive with his body parts, and through this expression, becomes more extemporaneous with his physical movements" - GM Ed Parker 10th Degree Black Belt
Ya-know, self-defense techniques have gotten a bad rap these days but many things can be learned and gained from drills. And when you cross reference them into the fight, you will discover what the masters of "old" have been trying to teach us all along.

Think of doing bag work to develop power....what if someone told you that it's useless, the bag just stands there and doesn't fight back.

What's your answer to that???

And what the hell does "wax-on wax-off" have to do with Self-Defense or "coat-on coat-off???"  Well let me tell ya.......

When Cross referenced into the fight, all these drills are...GENIUS !!

Furthermore when these select techniques are committed to "Muscle Memory" through the red-line drill you will BURST into action so fast that only a high speed camera will be able to see what the heck you did.

When you're training for speed it's not just being able to deliver ONE blow with lightning speed.....BUT being able to combine and deliver multiple strikes with conviction and ease, as well as becoming VERY efficient in target placement so as to get more bang for your buck..............now THAT'S the ticket!!!

In these 10 techniques you not only learn excellent hand and foot patterns, I also pepper the lessons with fighting tips and pressure points for good measure and to back up your skills.

Here's what you will gain from these select techniques...

-A 3 move hand pattern that is considered a master key move in most arts & how to use this as an attack as well as defense. This is one of the fastest combinations of blows that can be put together in the Martial Arts & will boost your skill overnight.
-How to deliver a blow to the ribs with the correct angle & direction to cause the most pain and damage with half the effort.
-A double kick speed pattern that Bruce Lee uses in the movie "Return of the Dragon" that ALWAYS lands when done right and can be also used in tournaments with miraculous results. I DID, and took 1 st place to BOOT!!! KILLER TIP: You can apply this to your hands as well.
-Learn how to use the "Sequential Opportunity" concept to insert strikes to add to the illusion of speed.  Imagine taken a 4 strike move and hitting the opponent 8 times in the same amount of time.

- Learn a strike from the "Hidden Hands" system in a grappling technique that will be felt before it can ever be seen.
- A technique that will deliver five strikes in the blink of an eye.
- Learn the one thing you can do to neutralize the opponent and/or drop him like a sack of potatoes in a blink of an eye.
- Learn a CRANE technique that is designed for speed and can deliver 10 strikes in a second. You also will get a mini double blocking pattern to add to your defense.
- Master Danny Lane asked me to show a few secret pain points, Sooooo in a technique I show a very rarely seen pressure point around the waist area. You're gonna see a 250 lbs. man drop like a rock when I demonstrate this.
-Learn what the most important move is to any self-defense situation and why.
-I will show the "Strike-Set", an awesome one arm
     exercise not only to do multiple strikes in a blink....BUT train you to hit VERY Lethal zones. Master this, and you'll be able to penetrate anyone's blocking system.
-L earn a technique that will allow you to change distances from your opponent when striking and still move at the speed of sound.
-Learn a rhythm lesson that is essential for speed......
  And as a bonus you will get a CD with the details of what was discovered though scientific test on response and reaction time.

And then I cherry picked some GREAT sayings from the best of the best on speed training.

I always use quips from the best of the best to support my teachings. Here's one I forgot to put in the CD....

" A powerful athlete is not a strong athlete, but one who can exert his strength quickly. Since power equals force times speed, if the athlete learns to make faster movements he increases his power, even though the contractile pulling strength of his muscles remains unchanged. Thus, a smaller man who can swing faster may hit as hard or as far as the heavier man who swings slowly. " - Bruce Lee

By Listening to these "Speed Proverbs" you will begin to see the subject of speed striking through different eyes. 

You will also learn a lesson from the Fastest Gun EVER!!!
And what he did to get his name in the Guinness world book of records. 

In summary you will get 4 DVD's about an hour long each with all the info above, plus the CD. 

I can tell you that all this knowledge cost me well into the $1000's with learning and time in trail so I could include what works and discard the rest.

I will also teach you for the first time my Holy-Grail Speed drill that I've developed over 35 years.............


"GM Brassard's techniques outlined in this video series really work. I have trained with this course and have doubled my speed in several techniques. I will be using more of these techniques this summer to build speed in my kicks. This series is worth triple what he is charging." - Master Brad Randolph,

Two Time Martial Arts Hall of Fame Recipient


And as a hidden benefit.......

If you are a teacher of any Combat sport, this course will increase your value immensely

As most of my customers are instructors of some kind, you can NOW give them these benefits contained in this letter if they hire YOU as their instructor. You can easily recoup your investment 1000's of times over with this course.

" Invest in as much of yourself as you can, you are your own biggest asset by far. " - Warren Buffett
Right now, you can get My Secrets of Speed Fighting Course for only $199 (plus S&H) 
 A surprisingly low amount when you consider that this course will give you the speed to beat any opponent in or out of the ring!!!
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Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Yours in the Martial Arts,
P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:
I will be mailing you a 4 DVD and 1 CD course of the info in this letter. 2 DVD's on Strategies, 1 on exercises including the Red-Line Drill & My Holy Grail Speed Drill, 1 on Speed Techniques and a CD of speed proverbs and case studies on response and reaction time 

P.P.S. By the way, some teachers will tell you, "Well you move FAST, BUT if I have you do your 10 strikes under a second on the heavy bag....you won't have any power in them."
Besides the quotes above, let me ask you this.............

"Do you know of anyone who possesses lightning speed, speak out against it, or say they have no POWER?????"


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