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Pushup Power

The Power of Pressure

Sample Exercise from the course.

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Dear Fitness Friends,

You might be wondering how pushups can burn fat, besides packing on natural muscle. Well, they can burn fat in several different ways.

Burning more fat and toning muscle effectively requires that you use an exercise that works a lot of muscle at once. Hence, the pushup does this all too well.

Most people never think that the “Simple Pushup” (and its certain variations) can melt away body fat……


So let me explain how this course will burn off body fat as well as build lean muscle FAST.

First, this one exercise brings in a lot of muscles into play. Legs, upper back, arms, chest, lats, triceps, neck, lower back, shoulders, and forearms all come into play.

Bench pressing doesn't even come close to this.

If you don’t believe me, give this a try…

A Sample from page 4 of the pushup power course...

Push-ups Build Total Body Condition.

Don't miss out on the benefits of pushups, when done correctly they can be a very brutal form of exercise, pushups have been used for many, many years and they have stood the test of time.

Why? Because they work, they have always worked and they will continue to work you will get great benefits doing pushups not to mention a total body workout.

The great thing about the pushups is that they can be done anywhere, anytime and there are so many variations that you will always be in for a challenge.

Pushups work the:
upper back
lower back

You can do them anyway you like slow, fast, explosive. You can make pushups as hard or as easy as you want them to be.

The Push up Test!!!

If you don't think pushups are worth doing - try this simple test, get into a pushup position and hold the pushup position for 5 minutes, after one minute most people will know-that they are in for four more minutes of pain. Just imagine if you put your feet up on a chair, Or try it one handed!!!

As a result... your body will start to shake, you will start to sweat, your body will want to collapse in a heap on the floor and then you will know that the pushup can be a very effective exercise. This is also a great way to begin building the strength to do pushups if you have trouble doing them at first.

Second, pushups are much like sprints. They train the anaerobic system, not the aerobic. Anaerobic means “without oxygen” meaning you’re out of breath within seconds.

There are not many bodyweight exercises that tax the body like pushups. Burpees, Sprints, jump rope just to name a few. Meaning these drills can only be done for seconds to a minute without stopping to catch your breath.

The push up power course is much like sprinting and will bring you HUGE pay offs.

When you sprint you do so for 10-20 seconds or so, then rest and repeat. And sprinters are ALWAYS lean and muscular.

And there in lies the secret!!!!!!!

You’ll get the same results with this course and the routines in it. Quick sort burst in the right order will train your body just like sprints.

I’m not going to sugar-coat this to much, doing the routines in this course is going to be taxing like sprinting. BUT the results will BLOW YOU AWAY!!!.. and I always say...

"If you wanna go to heaven, you gotta die first."

Hi Jim,
“Just a note to provide some feedback on your combat fitness exercises and manuals,

In the 30 over years or so that I've been seriously weight lifting, (sets of six 600lb. rack pulls and 500 lb. squats) among other exercises, I've never experienced more dramatic results in terms of strength, size and muscle density increase than I have since focusing on your body movement through space exercises, at your suggested tempo. You have disciple.”

Thanks again!

Jack Foley
Milton, Ma. Fire Department

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Here's some more that you will learn / gain from this incredible and unique course:

AND THEN!!! The “Holy Grail” routine of this
course… ONLY revealed in it, and how you can
achieve it if you follow my instructions!!!

When you can perform this routine, you will see that you have acquired the strength to do many other exercises that you could never before.

“My son and I love your products.

He is fourteen and works out everyday on one of your programs.

We started last November and he has gone from doing four chin ups to twenty, from fifteen good pushups to sixty, from ten dips to thirty-five and from forty Hindu Squats to over one hundred.

He started with P90X and really liked that, but he says his strength has really taken off with your programs.

Keep up the good work.”

Pete Madell III Minnesota

P.S. I haven't done too badly either!

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If I where going to put a price tag on the value AND results you will get from this course it could easily come to $300.00. Think about it, how much money people waste on machines and gym memberships they barley use. Not to mention what a personal trainer will cost you.

The goods news that all this course will cost ya is $99.00 plus(S&H). And in addition I’m including the following free gifts to thank you for supporting me.

FREE Gift #1 – Special Report: How to do 25 ONE arm pushups within 60 days. This 4 page report will take you through the 7 gradual steps to get this done. This alone can triple your body strength and muscle tone in record time.

Free Gift #2 – Pushup Power DVD. Some of the exercises in the manual might be hard to grasp….so I put the harder ones on this DVD so you can get a visual of them as well as the timing.

Pushup Power has over 50 different exercises along with the routines to follow that will get you into kick-butt shape FAST!!!! Order NOW and you’ll receive the free gifts above. Your total investment to learn this and make it work for you is only $99.00(Plus S&H)

Bonus DVD for the first 100 orders

If you are one of the first to order this course I will also send you a DVD copy of

Towel Power

10 exercises you can do with a towel (or belt) applying static pressure that will sky-rocket your strength and carve your body into stone!!!

There’s also a very rarely seen Hard Chi-Kung exercise to build external and internal strength.


NOTE: this DVD is ONLY available with this course and is not sold separately.




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