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Do you want to know what the Masters Know???

Increase your Martial Arts KNOWLEDGE,
Than You Have Ever Been Taught Before with My Private Training Club

Follow me monthly while I show you the shortcuts and secrets that most instructors won't show you that will catapult your ability and rank in record time

Dear Martial Arts Friends,

Over the years I have had many offers to train people and an infinite amount of questions. Unfortunately though I don't have enough time in the day to do it all. And that's why I've decided to launch this program.

My Private Training Club will come to you monthly in a DVD form and will have about an hour of insider information. As well as answer questions that are sent in by YOU!!!
My hope is as this grows, we will be able to get more LEGENDS in the Martial arts to lend us their knowledge, already have some onboard now.....

"Grandmaster Jim Brassard has done it again.
He is the Einstein of our time in teaching speed striking and execution. 
Chuck Norris & Danny Lane
All styles can learn from his applications. Who doesn't want to hit harder, faster and more effectively??? I do, even after 49 years of training. His speed hand striking compares to the kicks of my good friend "Bill Superfoot" Wallace.  I highly endorse and encourage everyone to buy , watch and learn from his new series. I did." - Master Danny Lane, Chuck Norris Senior Leader & Living
Legend in the Martial Arts
Besides costing less than a dollar a day,
we will be having guest teachers/Masters giving us there insight into the Arts and Fitness.

And over the months MANY other teachers and masters will be chiming in. I already have bookings to be at several Hall Of Fames for the martial arts. These events bring in all kinds of top masters of all arts that teach a seminar and s ome of these Masters will be featured in our program
St. Augustine once said,
"The World is a book and those who do not tra vel read only one page."
Likewise, scanning the other arts will help you " travel", learn and experience the other chapters in the Martial Arts Book!!!

After spending the last 41+ years IN AND AT the Martial Arts , and now I'm willing to share many of the secrets that I have uncovered and discovered on a monthly bases with you.
My teaching will go beyond martial arts, they will incorporate physics as well.

Which means you're going to find that many things that you were taught can be either discarded, or improved upon.

And when you do, your martial arts will be streamlined and much more effective.
In effect, this monthly series should make you a Mechanic of Motion, and THEN my goal is to make you an Engineer of Motion. 

When you arrive at the latter....your art will NOW be your servant, NOT your master!!!

You will be learning all the little tricks and secrets that FEW masters know, AND  will be shown how to think OUTSIDE the box you might be trapped in!!

Geoff with "The Rock" on the set of the movie Fast Five .
Brassard is a true master of the

martial arts, and has a great understanding of the science behind it. Stay with GM Brassard, he is one of the best instructors I've ever know"-  Geoff Meed Hollywood Actor, 4th Degree Black Belt & student of GM Brassard

GM Brassard demonstration the Iron Cross Drill.
But Martial arts is not all ..... ......I will be showing you strength training drills as well as Chi-kung exercises that will improve ALL aspects of your health. And when this starts to happen.....you will see how your art develops & changes!!!  
Each month will include some effective exercises that will build strength, power and endurance, not to mention they will murder the fat from your body.

That's one of the things lacking in the arts, NO MORE JABBA-THE-HUTT MASTERS!!!!

When you are training with me, you will be getting in the best shape of your life.....EVER!!!! Inside and out.

In the words of Siegmund Breitbart, who was the strongest man alive in the 1920's was quoted as saying.....

"The weakness of one muscle or vital organ may cause the wreck of a person's entire life."

                 ...or your Martial Arts.
And in order to excel in your art........you need to give strength training the respect it deserves.
So for your consideration, here are just SOME of the most amazing benefits that you will get from your monthly subscription............

I'm betting these are important to you...

-Learn Chi-kung & LOST bodyweight drills that will increase your health as well as strengthen AND speed up the execution of your art......WHATEVER ART IT IS!!!!

Your muscles will be like a pliable and powerful T iger-Ready to pounce on prey in a heartbeat.

-Find out how to better to apply your blocks so as to help injure and or nullify your opponent's secondary attack.

-You will re-learn your basics in such a way that your techniques will have triple impact with less effort.

-You will explore how your strikes should be executed as to have tripled the effect when landing and can get it done with just one. 

-How and when kicks should be deployed so that you will have better economy of motion.

- Looking at self-defense techniques as a "Case study of motion " not just some illogical series of movements that will put you in harms way when applied to combat.
-You will learn differences between Self-Defense & Sparring (freestyle).   
-A look deep into forms from time to time to see what was meant in the movements, as well as its application into the fight.

And with you who send in the questions, who knows what else will be revealed????

"I have had the pleasure and necessity in my life to study several martial arts, including more than 12 years of Tai Chi training under a couple of wonderful Tai Chi masters.
The Martial Arts System, as taught by Grandmaster Brassard, is one of the most perfect blends of energy
Dr. Piwonka-Corle
understanding from Tai Chi and the martial forms of Karate that I have ever seen.
Grandmaster Brassard is amazing at 'controlling a space' when he steps into combat  He grounds his energy connections better than anyone I have ever seen, which is of course a statement that will be best understood by Tai Chi practitioners.
The combination of his natural talent and the training of his art makes his demonstrations and instruction beautiful to watch and participate in. It is a pleasure for me to be a student in his art-form." - Tim Piwonka-Corle, CO PHD in PHYSICS

This program is for the student who is focused on being a Master, Grandmaster or at least a Black Belt, and also one who can afford a dollar a day, that's less than a cup of coffee. 
GM Brassard's Home Town Paper
GM Brassard has multiple Martial Arts Hall of Fame A wards throughout the country,
As well as receiving a sports award in 2016 for the Martial Arts from...
The President of The United States .
He also received for the 1st time an award that has never been given before at the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2017 in NY which started in 1976, the....
Presidentially Awarded Martial Arts Grandmaster of the Year.
GM Brassard & GM Lane who came to sit at his table for this Award
"GM Brassard works hard on his
GM Thomas & GM Brassard at the USA Hall of Fame in NY 2017
courses, he's a leader in the Martial Arts. He has helped many others with his DVD's, it has place d him in an Elite Category. I highly recommend them to all!!!"
 - GM Jim Thomas, 3 Time Presidentially Awarded Martial Artist, Host of the Oldest Martial Arts Hall of Fame in the Country & Living Legend in the Arts


These teachings are for SERIOUS Martial A rtists ONLY!!      
No Partial-Artists!!!
You must be committed to the Mastery of the Martial Arts.
So if you quit everything you start, move along...this is not for you.
Sorry to be so blunt, but I actually had one member have to stop because their parents reduced their ALLOWANCE!!!
You feeling me now?????

For ONLY $33.99 a month , you will be in my Inner-circle being trained by me.

If you were to fly to me, pay for lodgings and private lessons. It would be will over a thousand dollars, BUT you can get my 40 years of knowledge sent to you for less than a dollar a day.
" The only source of knowledge is experience " - Albert Einstein

And my experience goes back over 40 years.....38 of those as an instructor.......33 as a FULL time instructor. That's 5-6 days weekly, about 40 hours a weeks as well.....AND COUNTING!!!

If Einstein is right........than it would stand to reason that I have a ton of knowledge that can hyper-accelerate your skills as well as rank in record time.

Also note, that this (My) experience can show you the pitfalls and mistakes that I had to learn the hard way.

This alone can save you years of trial and error in your training!!!
  "It Takes A Wise Man To Learn From His Mistakes But An Even Wiser Man To Learn From The Mistakes Of Others." - Zen Proverb

So be wiser and join me as I help you Master the Martial Arts and show you the mistakes to avoid as well.....which in turn will help you.........

Master your Art Faster!!!

Right now, you can join my Private Training Club for only $33.99 (plus S&H) a month
A surprisingly low amount when you consider that it's LESS than the price of a cup of coffee per day.

Here's What To Do Next...
From here it's just finalizing the details.
Click on the button and you can finally get started!!
Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon! 
Masters Membership
OR if you prefer....   

Pay for the year in full $399 and I'll send you My Secrets of Strikin g in The Martial Arts c ourse (3 DVD's a $199 Value)with your first months DVD.

As a FREE Gift for you Future Grandmasters, IF you join/Pay for a full year I will send you my.....

Secrets of Striking in the Martial Arts.
You will Discover The THREE KEYS To Landing
 Your Strike in ANY Form of Combat.

In this 3 DVD's (it sells as 5 DVD's)  series I have broken the code on how one lands a strike, and when you learn this......You will too!!!
No hitting by blind luck anymore!!!
It's in complete harmony with science, and can NOT be condemned.

 Grandmasters Membership
Yours is the Martial Arts,

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:
You're invited to join my Private Training Club. For $29 a month you will receive a DVD every month with secrets to the Martial Arts, and answers to any questions you send in.

OR , if you pay for a year in full, I will send you the Secrets of Striking Course($199 Value) ALL 3 DVD'S with your 1st months DVD
You can now send Check or money order for anything you want to.....
Jim Brassard
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