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secrets-of-speed-fighting-hitting-strikingSecrets of Speed Fighting

" Your Strength & Knowledge is
Money in the Bank; BUT SPEED is
money in Your POCKET!!! "

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Join GM Jim Brassard in Boulder Colorado for a Martial Arts seminar revealing Secrets only…..

The Masters Know!!!



“I learned more application in 3 hours than I learned in 4 years of training."He was really awesome –Tammy Ackerman 1st Degree Black Belt



“I'm so happy we got Grandmaster Jim Brassard to teach a seminar!


A few months ago, I was looking for more in my training, so I did my research on the web to find a solid Grandmaster.

I came across some of GM Brassard's YouTube videos, and WOW! I was impressed!


And on his website, his martial arts achievements were everything I'd hoped for in an accomplished Grandmaster. So after trying to get through to him, I finally contacted him, and he agreed to come to Colorado for this seminar!


When he came out, he worked with my assistant instructor and me for over 3 hours the evening before the seminar. What I immediately loved about his teaching was that he wasn't looking to cram another technique or form down my throat. I've had plenty of that in my previous training already.


Rather, he breathed life into my art by answering what I hadn't yet thought to ask………





And at the seminar, he was so warm and enthusiastic! He taught practical, exciting concepts for us to understand and train.

Everyone who attended had great things to say about it, and we want him to come back soon!” - Brad Randolph - Shaolin American Kempo 4th Dan


Thanks Brad, and to all the students who invited me there to test and teach………And don't worry…..


”I'll Be Back!!!”


The seminar was a great success so much so that we had to rent a hall to accommodate the turn out. We went over 4 hours and I edited down to about 2 and a half hours of the best tips, secrets and in some cases, expose some inaccurate teachings.

In Vol. 1 I start with the one thing that must be cultivated so as to get the maximum results of your art. To explain this better….Here's a copy of the newsletter I send to
my subscribers. …….



Dear Martial Artist,

Every martial art has specific techniques that make it unique. Jiu-Jitsu favors submission fighting from the ground. Taekwondo specializes in high-flying kicks. Muay Thai boxers specialize in shin-bone kicks to the lower legs.


And depending upon what style of Kung-Fu being studied (there are over a couple hundred), specialization can run the gamut from grappling to striking to joint locks.


BUT……regardless of what style of combat you study, this one most important principle almost ALWAYS applies.


“When executing a technique, you must...???????????????????”


This principle is so simple that it is even evident in games like golf. The swing relies on this, Boxers and even a wrestler's foot sweep employs it.


Failure to abide by this technique will shank long drives, weaken a boxer's blow and thwart upper body throws.

Learning this principle will help you master many techniques that used to be difficult. Also it will help you learn techniques of ANY martial arts much easier.


I then Segue into a “old' Chi-Kung drill that when you do this, within a few weeks your arm and punch will have tremendous strength and power. You employ visualization to this as well to achieve it, AND this drill has been rarely ever taught!!!!


Along with this lesson I will show you how to deliver a punch so as that it lines up better with your skeletal and muscular system for more energy transfer………………..


This one tip alone will triple your striking power instantly!!!


And if that wasn't enough I also show how this strike “Fits” better on the opponent as to double the damage, and penetration.


Then I round out this segment by revealing for the 1 st time on video…


The Punching Trinity.


When you learn this, you will know which punch should be used at the right distance , thus giving you much better economy of motion.


All these lost or hidden teachings will guarantee that hand strikes will have tremendous impact using logic, kinesthetics and plain old common sense.


NOTE: Since the camera was not at a good angle to see me, I added in teaching these lessons when I got back home on the DVD. This way you will be able to see what I was doing so and get the FULL benefits of these principles.


I then will take a brief look into blocking.

1 st I show how to execute the inside (3 & 4) blocks as to insure that you are covered if the opponent changes the height of the strike. So even if you screw up under stress, you'll have a margin of error in your favor.


“When should you use a Karate(Hard) block vs. A Kung-Fu(redirecting) block”


I've gotten this question before and I will show you WHY and WHEN they are best done. If done wrong, THEY WON'T WORK!!!


This is so simple that it was probably staring you in the face all the time but never saw it. Next up………….


“To attain knowledge, add things every day. To attain wisdom, remove things every day.” – Lao Tzu


With that quote being the theme of the next part of the seminar, we will explore a few Key techniques, NOT just in Kempo Karate but most fighting systems as well. And WHY they are “keys” using the alphabet as a metaphor to explain this. Narrowing down what moves should get the most attention.


Along with this lesson you will learn some simple rules of logic that will stack the deck in your favor in combat.

Like the linear and circular synergy, and how this will help you defeat the opponent with ease!!!


For you Kempo students out there…….


Is combo/DM 5 and 3 related the same???

How was 3 taught ages ago???? Did it have a take-down???

What's the best use of combo/DM 10???? HINT: it's NOT for a straight punch.


While answering these questions………


Principles and rules emerge that will hyper-accelerate your skill INSTANTLY!!!




“Grandmaster Brassard is a true master of the martial arts, and has a great understanding of the science behind it.”- Geoff Meed 3rd Degree Black belt, Hollywood Actor & student of GM Brassard

Geoff with the “Rock” on the set of Fast 5






NOW off to Vol. 2……..


Picks up were Vol. 1 leaves off. While exploring just basic self-defense techniques you, will see many principles that can be isolated to enhance your perspective as well as improve other techniques.



“Many answers lie in a single move, but many moves do not necessarily give a single answer” – Ed Parker


One of the first things you'll learn is how best to hit a round part of the body vs. a flat part. What blew away the Black Belts is that


You practice it every time you assume the very 1 st stance taught.


-And again the angle of the camera was off a little so I re-filmed it and added it to this section so you will get the FULL benefits if the lesson. AND of course I added in some more insights while I was at it!!!


As you watch this dvd's you will start to see that………..


There is a difference between a striking pattern or drill, and a self-defense technique .


You will learn that you can take the simple basic self-defense technique and cross-reference it into real combat with unbelievable results , NOT SO with a striking technique!!!


You'll start to have control of your opponent when you learn this!!


Also, I reveal another KEY technique in self-defense ( regardless of the system you study) that I have discovered myself over 38 years of trial and error. This is an expression of the first one covered, and when you learn this and what makes it tick………


You will begin to know what the masters know!!!


LIKE: “What you can do with your feet, you can also do with your????”


Learning this lesson will help you find NEW patterns of movement that were hidden to you before, thus enhancing your skill faster than ever before.


I also show you WHEN faking out your opponent won't work!!!! When you learn this simple logic……..you'll have “No Problemo” applying your fakes.


Should you hold an opponent's arm when applying a kicking technique on him????? Let me show you what can happen in real combat , as well as use this tip for your own defense AND offense .


At this point in the seminar I will move into the art the “White tiger” or chin-na. It's during this part I show some joint locks that pits them against the others that allows for fingertip pressure to ground any opponent.


NO STRENGTH required, just the application. Of course with a live audience I correct the most common mistakes that you might incur.


To round out this lesson you will learn a finger manipulation that when applied you will interrupt the opponents energy to his legs and they will fall to the ground.


I love teaching this to show how you can easily shut down the legs and neutralize any threat to you.


You will see a strong Black belt dropped to his knees and CAN'T GET UP!!!


This principle will lead us to using your blocks are a way to attack an arm as to not only cause incredible mental stunning, BUT neutralize the body's energy as to make all the other limbs weak and void of strength.


Years ago a grandmaster once told me “If I can touch you, I can hurt you.” Well you'll learn that if done correctly, your block and block alone can drop your enemy like you used a Taser gun on them.


This dvd's ends with some “Great Escapes” from locks such as the full nelson. I first show you what simple trick you can do so that no one can apply the lock to you . After learning this you might forget all the other ones you might have learned, it's that effective!!!!


And that's where this dvd ends………Off to Vol. 3 ……..

Vol. 3 picks up right where Vol. 2 left off. We will continue to examine the full nelson attack up to phase 2, that's where they begin to take hold of you.

I then show you an escape that I developed that not only breaks a finger, but also applies a knockout blow to a Pain Point to boot. I was always taught that if……………


“You break their finger, you'll break their spirit ”


No doubt if you ever sprained a finger while sparring, you get what I mean!!!!


Now!!!! What seminar would be complete without a look into the forms/katas??? And I decided to choose …..


Statue of the Crane.


This is a kata taught in the beginning stages of training and is noted to be the first shaolin animal form.

Known in other circles as the “Rohai” The name translates approximately to "Vision of a Crane”.


There are many hidden secrets that can be teased out of this form. But the one I chose to touch upon was shown to me by a Grandmaster at a seminar in 85.

He referred to it as the


“Lotta Palm”

Which when practiced cultivates the One Strike Kill Method.

Isolating this movement out of the form can and will lead to incredible power and the ability to end the battle in just one blow . I'll even show you how this applies to a Baseball.


NOTE: once again the camera angle was not so great, so I re-filmed me at my home dojo re-teaching this principle so you can get its full benefits of adding this Principle Of Power to your own art….POP!!!

Ending the seminar


I teach the three points on the human body that the Chinese say you can't bring your “Chi”, energy or strength too.


No matter his size or ability, these areas when struck will collapse them down to earth.


It's impossible to bring ANY resistance to these areas of the body...…PERIOD!!!!!


No matter if he's a Karate Guy, Kung-Fu Guy, MMA Guy or Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Sara Lee or a hairdresser…..IT WORKS!!!!!

A few self-defense applications are taught to get you started with this knowledge.


If that isn't enough, I reveal the


Aikido method of transfer.


An old forgotten technique of changing the flow of the force coming in at you, that you become more grounded while they lift off!!!!


You'll see 2 men trying to push me back at the same time…. and can't!!!


At this point we close out the seminar………BUT I have included some…


Bonus Teachings


There are 3 different videos added that reflect the teachings in this course.

The first cover the other “Master Key” combination I discovered in the system.


The second video I reveal a Combination in the 70's


And the third covers a chin-na wrist flex and the dos and don'ts to make it successful. So…….


Right now, you can get My 3 DVD Boulder Col. seminar 2012 course for only $109.99 FREE SHIPPING & HANDLING - a surprisingly low amount when you consider that this course will give you the technologies of over 35 years of experience.


Grab your copy's NOW!!!


Yours in the Martial Arts,




P.S. So to recap here are………


Ten reason to get these seminar DVD's



1. You will increase your punching power INSTANTLEY!! As well as your arm strength with a visualization drill long forgotten.

2.   Learn the Trinity of Punching and see how more effective you are at delivering your energy into your opponent.

3.   Learn the appropriate use of the Karate block vs. The Kung-Fu block.

4.   Learn some basic principles that “Should” govern self-defense techniques. WARNING : you might find out you've been learning striking Techniques vs. Self-Defense techniques and have to abandon many techniques you were taught. OR FIX THEM with this knowledge.

5.   Learn what “Hidden” strategy is encoded in the front position??? When you know this you will have the formula to know what strike to use to what area.

6.   Learn when faking doesn't work and how to cure that. You'll have NO trouble after learning this.

7.   You learn some “White Tiger” grappling moves that ground anybody with VERY little effort.

8.   You will learn many principles that can be isolated to enhance your perspective as well as improve other techniques

9.   Learn the secret of the “Lotta Palm” The One Strike Kill Method. This one lesson alone sky rockets your striking power!!

10.   Learn the 3 areas of the body that no one can bring their energy to resist. Gear your striking patterns toward these areas and you can get it done with just one!!!


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