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secrets-of-speed-fighting-hitting-strikingSecrets of Speed Fighting

Now, You REALLY can learn how to hit up to TEN times in 1 second & Explode into action BEFORE they can blink an eye!!!

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George Jowett’s “Guerilla Self-Defense” will enhance your fighting skills immediately.

This Amazing Self Defense course written in the 40’s will teach you the secrets lost through the ravages of TIME!!!



George Jowett was one of the strongest men of all time and wrote many courses on Strength training and Fitness and by the age of 18 won several titles in boxing as well.

As you begin to read this for the first time, you’ll wonder where this information has been, and why you haven’t learned it till now!!!!



Over the last few years I began looking back at the training methods of the legendary strongmen of the early 19th century, Men such as Eugene Sandow, Earle Liederman, George Jowett and of course, Bruce Lee.


What always fascinated me was that almost all these men were involved in the fighting arts and even wrote of their technologies in the books they published. And I’m now discovering that in many cases you got to go Back…..to the Future.


That’s right!!!! Many of the training and fighting methods of some of the greatest athletes have seemed to be lost, or forgotten over the years. Information that worked every time for those people, such as…..


George Jowett who parents were told he would never walk again, or live past 15 because of a fall he took as an infant. But after seeing Eugene Sandow he vowed then to change his life.


So instead of dying at the age of 15, he became an international gymnastics champion, and then by 18 years of age won titles in boxing. He also was named the “Most Perfectly developed Man”.


As far as I can tell this is the only course he wrote on Self-defense, and is probably his rarest book.


So here’s what can you learn from his course and can put to work for you……


Guerilla Self-Defense For The Home Front


  • The 4 advantages that a smaller person has in combat.


  • The one thing you MUST NEVER do while grappling.


  • “Natural Defense” and how it works for you.


  • What to do when attacked, and what NOT too.


  • The 4 things you must use when in combat.


  • Where and how to strike to render him unconscious.


  • The 3 things you can do that changes him from attack to defense.


  • A dirty trick when “Crowded” to make them realize they made a BIG mistake.


  • “The one trick left in the Bag that can beat your opponent”


  • Methods to defend against a bear hug.


  • The art of “Seat Spinning”.


  • What you do so you won’t telegraph your movements.



kempo karate

Arm Lock and Heeling with Hand


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Whether you’re a Martial artist, wrestler or even a boxer you will learn secrets that can work for you now!!! Like….


The Boxers Knockout Punch


How and where to hit him to render him unconscious. After I read this I remembered back in the late 70’s when I was sparring and got hit in this manner. I barley got struck, but everything started spinning and I hit the floor.


He even covers the psychological attitude one should have when confronted by an attacker, and where you to put your hands at that moment. This might surprise you!!!


I believe Jowett’s course have influenced many of our Master’s of the past in the combative arts.


There’s more that you will learn from the reprint of this course…..


“Good advice for people overwhelmed by the complexity of modern martial arts” – D. Gillette


So order Guerilla Self-Defense today!!!


For Only $24.99  $14.99 




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