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Master Keys to Combat Power VOL. 1

Learn the Secrets on How to Generate POWER in Your Strikes

Get it DONE with just ONE!!!

This system outlines many concepts to obtain power and will increase your impact when learned!!!!

I have spent almost 30 years of research into this topic, drawing Info from different combative theories and applying physics to the subject.

You will learn most major Rules, while including some little know ones as well.

First, I will introduce you to “The Combat Pyramid” as a visual aid and logical approach to understanding one's main goal in increasing your power. Once you understand this, you will be well underway to developing intense power in your moves!!!



In this course you will also learn......

Harnessing the 4 dimensions (Height, Width, Depth and time) to help make one stronger in Combat…..

Or APPEAR more powerful.

The Diamond punch - Which when learned, can boost your striking power INSTANTLY.

The Kempo Stomp - Another method of execution that can be tapped into to increase your impact.

The Unbendable Arm – A mind & body drill to show the effects of Visualization.

Visualization – Why and how it works. This mental trick alone will add impact to your strikes instantly.

The Iron Palm Drill - A Chi-Kung exercise that will build energy, and also increase your overall abilities.

Some masters know this, but rarely teach it.

Strength Drills - a few select bodyweight exercises that master fighters do for incredible strength.

I will also show you how to applying a formula out of the law of physics to instantly give you the ALLUSION of being more powerful.

And there’s still more!!!

The following is a letter sent out to my email subscribers…

“Dear Martial Arts Friends,

Been getting this question lately,

"How do I train to increase striking power?"

Here's a couple if tips for ya.....

1-Use Torque: Many instructors don't teach this in the beginning, or at all. While practicing punching in a horse stance, try elbowing someone behind you when you retract that punch to help launch out the other.

Or practice lots of elbow strikes to force more body into your blows. That’s one of the reasons elbows pack a lot of power.

2-Isometric Bag: They build again, contractile ability but they also build speed and build the body's ability to unify behind a particular movement. Try this... have someone hold a heavy bag, punch it a few times to warm up and get the feel of how quickly you're moving.

Now do an isometric move with them holding the bag and you pushing into it at the beginning of your punch, and at the extension of your punch. Hold each position for six seconds.

Now step back, relax and punch the bag. See if you don't move stronger AND Faster. And see if you don't feel your whole body more together behind the punch.

If you want to know more about this check out my video lesson on "Master Keys to Combat Power Vol-1" It's got more than enough info to keep you going till I do Vol-2.

In fact "Power Ranger" Jason David Frank liked the Combat Pyramid concept so much he asked me if he could use it in his teachings. We talked about this at the 07 Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He's a great guy.”

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" I love your moves and the execution and effectiveness. Your hand speed is amazing. It's also amazing how few of today’s martial artists use the open hands and the traditional blocks and rapid fire strikes to vital and vulnerable areas of the head, neck and body.

So many fighters don’t want to spend the time nor want to pay the dues to LEARN these valuable TOOLS correctly from a MASTER such as you.

I am more than impressed, and with your permission BORROW some of your drills…

Great technique, fast, effective and professional! I endorse them!!!!

I recommend everyone even Masters to take a look and incorporate these hand drills and teachings into your system.

Fast, Effective and Easy to Learn" – Master Danny Lane (Chuck Norris Black Belt & Friend for over 30 years)

Danny Lane & Chuck Norris

Danny Lane & Linda Lee
(Bruce Lee’s wife)


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