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secrets-of-speed-fighting-hitting-strikingSecrets of Speed Fighting

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Learn What the Master’s know!!!


With these DVD’s you will get answers, NOT questions to the infamous…..


Shaolin Kempo Karate/Kung-Fu/Jiu-Jitsu Combinations

1 - 108


The Kempo combinations have long been the bread and butter of the art. When I started in the mid 70’s there was about 30 to 40, then over the years they progressed to 108.


Each one contains Major and Minor principles that ‘IF” taught and extracted will give understanding to the Shaolin Kempo Arts.


With that being said, it could take a long time to understand just one of these techniques, which is not the purpose of these DVD’s.


What is the purpose and benefit of these DVD’s is to expose the many illogical movements that have mutated over the years.


Movements that if attempted in combat could lead to your demise.


Not to mention to show the appropriate attack for each, which is NOT always a front punch.


They’re brief (3-5 mins) explanations to proper execution with respect to the opponent’s back-up weapons, given you a greater margin of error when performing them.

" I love your moves and the execution and effectiveness. Your hand speed is amazing. It's also amazing how few of today’s martial artists use the open hands and the traditional blocks and rapid fire strikes to vital and vulnerable areas of the head, neck and body.

So many fighters don’t want to spend the time nor want to pay the dues to LEARN these valuable TOOLS correctly from a MASTER such as you.

I am more than impressed, and with your permission BORROW some of your drills…

Great technique, fast, effective and professional! I endorse them!!!!

I recommend everyone even Masters to take a look and incorporate these hand drills and teachings into your system.

Fast, Effective and Easy to Learn" – Master Danny Lane (Chuck Norris Black Belt & Friend for over 30 years)

Danny Lane & Chuck Norris

Danny Lane & Linda Lee
(Bruce Lee’s wife)


“Grand Master Brassard:

Being a Shaolin - Kempo - Jiu Jitsu student for 4-1/2 years and having studied under a 7th Dan, I just wanted to tell you that your teaching techniques were incredible.

I looked at your TIPS page and was viewing them with my 12 year old son, who is a Black Belt in Shaolin Kempo, and we both remarked how your teaching methods were so clear and practical as opposed to what we both have learned over the past several years.

I am sure you hear that all the time but I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that you appear to be an incredible instructor who truly has a very in depth understanding of the art but with an incredible ability to TEACH.
I wish that you had a school near where I live so that I could continue on with my studies under a teacher as good as you.”
Best regards,
Gregg S. Dyakon
Laguna Niguel, CA

Whether you’re a kempoist or not you will gain great insight into one of the most powerful and diversified arts known.


As well as add these movements to your art and enhance your vocabulary of movement as well.


And as we head into the 60’s and above you will learn the way they were originally taught.


It seems when you hit these numbers they are nothing like each other from coast to coast from what I’ve seen.


Since the combinations seem to lay down the foundation for almost all the punch, club, jiu-jitsu and other techniques of the system. The information presented in these DVD’s will help expose “accidents” before they occur.


Thus given you a logical approach to the combinations that when learned can……

Boost “All” other techniques.



“Dr. Jim --- You always amaze me on your craft of the Martial Arts.”


Dr Jim Thomas Ph.D./D.Sc./Ma

!0th Degree Black belt

President of the U.S.A. Martial Arts Alliance

With over 33,000 members Worldwide



“A Martial Arts System should be your servant and NEVER your Master”


These DVD’s will help you immensely in becoming the Master of your Art.



“Awesome, Great Martial Artist, Great Teacher”




“Very good instruction A+++”

David Zappacosta

Alpine CA



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Shaolin Kempo Combinations

1 - 21


Comes to you in a 2 DVD set for $49(Plus S&H). Completing the requirements for 1st degree black belt in most systems.


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21 - 30

Completing the requirements for 2nd Degree black Belt $29(Plus S&H)


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31 - 40

Completing the requirements for 3rd Degree black Belt $29(Plus S&H)

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Completing the requirements for 4th Degree black Belt $39(Plus S&H)


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Completing the requirements for 5th Degree black Belt $39(Plus S&H)


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Completing the requirements for 6th Degree black Belt $39(Plus S&H)


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Completing the requirements for 7th Degree Black Belt $39(Plus S&H)


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Completing the requirements for 8th Degree Black Belt $49(Plus S&H)


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Coming Soon 90 - 108


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