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secrets-of-speed-fighting-hitting-strikingSecrets of Speed Fighting

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Learn Old School Martial Arts secrets that have been lost over the decades that will boost your abilities faster than you were ever taught before!!!


Kempo Fighting Koncepts Vol. – 3


Clips from KFK-3


Within this DVD you will learn what few Masters know!!!


Dear Martial Artist,


Kempo Fighting Koncepts Vol-3 will continue your quest for the knowledge of over many years of Master’s teachings.


And these principles will apply to ALL combative arts, I just use the “Kempo” term because it’s my parent art.


As in Vol-2 we will continue to explore many more “Fighting” rules that will show you short cuts and lead to victory faster and with much less effort.


“Principles are the keys which allow man to use his tools properly and effectively” - Grandmaster Ed Parker


So let’s take a look at some of the things you will discover


Stance-Breaker Theory: This is one of the little taught secrets that will give you the illusion of possessing Iron-man power. You will learn the angle and direction to use that will knock your opponent of their stance, then and on their ars.


Say Good-Bye to any Sweeping or Flipping dilemmas!!


This simple theory will make all your jiu-jitsu or Judo techniques’ more effective. Any form of sweeping or flipping will be as easy as pie when you learn this, and why it works


Singer’s Master Move: I kinda named this after the Master I learned this from back in 1979 at a seminar. He taught us a little know punching maneuver that will…..


“Trick” one into opening up their guard so you can land your initial strike.


I’ve used this many times over 30 years and when you learn how it works and the timing, you will begin the tenderizing process before they know what has happened to them.


Note: I used this principle to help me take 1st Place in sparring March of 1980 at an International Tournament held in Danvers Mass.



The Dragon Punch: This one comes from the Master Keys to Combat Power series and promises that with this Hyper-Eradiation technique you will add up to 50% more power to your punch immediately.  

I learned this back in the mid 70’s from one of the REAL old school masters of karate and mentor Bob Huckins, and have never seen it taught ever since.


You will also learn an exercise to cultivate it and at the same time will see an increase in muscular strength in your arms to boot!!!


“Gm Jim Brassard demonstrated the Dragon Punch some 15 years ago on me and till this day I have not felt that kind of power delivered…..except from a kick!!!”


-George Pissimissis

2007 National Ladder Tournament Champion  

Silver American Canadian 2003 Tournament

Trains with the National Olympic Judo Team

" I love your moves and the execution and effectiveness. Your hand speed is amazing. It's also amazing how few of today’s martial artists use the open hands and the traditional blocks and rapid fire strikes to vital and vulnerable areas of the head, neck and body.

So many fighters don’t want to spend the time nor want to pay the dues to LEARN these valuable TOOLS correctly from a MASTER such as you.

I am more than impressed, and with your permission BORROW some of your drills…

Great technique, fast, effective and professional! I endorse them!!!!

I recommend everyone even Masters to take a look and incorporate these hand drills and teachings into your system.

Fast, Effective and Easy to Learn" – Master Danny Lane (Chuck Norris Black Belt & Friend for over 30 years)

Danny Lane & Chuck Norris

Danny Lane & Linda Lee
(Bruce Lee’s wife)


You can put this info to work for you NOW!!!


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Here are a few more things you will learn


-An often overlooked pain point that REALLY works on the front of the body and the many applications. Knowing the angle and direction of how this works will improve your art over-night!!!


-How a persons guard will tell you how you should launch your attack so you can penetrate it within 2 moves!!!


-The “Fitting Principle” for striking so as to get more “bang for your buck” when delivering your blows.


-Haymaker Handler’s: Some defensive tactics to handle with ease the most common attack, the hook punch. This is often overlooked in some styles of Kempo and needed to be addressed.


There’s even a little seen Mongolian wrestling technique from one of the 80’s combinations to round out this lesson.



Hello Gm. Brassard,

My name is Joe Shuras. First of all, I would like to commend you on your videos. We, in the SKK lineage, needed something like that……..


Again, outstanding job on the videos and obviously, your talents and abilities go without question!!!!


I say good for the SKK lineage, you certainly do it the justice that the hardworking serious guys like us deserve. 


Joe Shuras

Milford, Mass. Police Dept.

8th Degree Black Belt


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Jim Brassard


“Man, the living creature, the creating individual, is always more important than any established style or system.”

-Bruce Lee



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