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You too can learn Secret and Forgotten teachings that will Sky-Rocket your skills quicker than you might have ever thought possible



Kempo Fighting Koncepts




Some Clips From KFK vol-2


This 1 DVD course can get you up to date on over 30 years of Combat knowledge!!!



Dear Fellow Martial Artist,


Do to the popularity of Kempo Koncepts Vol-1 I decided to produce Vol-2, and for this….I opened my notes dating back as far as 1978 and………..duuuuuggg-innnn.


I lifted out about 10 principles that once you know of them, you’ll have a distinct advantage in any form of combat.


These are principles that were taught in the past yet seem to have been forgotten in today’s teaching.


They use to be a big part of the learning process back in those days before the material explosion of thousands of forms and umpteen techniques came into being.


Now unlike the first Vol., I strayed away from rules in self defense techniques and ventured into some combat ‘Fighting’ principles.


And if you learn these principles, you will have some keys to maximizing your efforts in combat.


Here are just a few examples of what you will learn


·        2 ways to penetrate your opponents guard while using it against them.

·        A pain point of the head where the Masters say you can’t bring your chi too thus cannot resist. This will boost your grappling arts instantly.

·        Proper punching in relation to Depth.

·        A certain strategy to help you land your strikes at will.

·        The three levels from elbow position to combat activation.



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Just a note of thanks.  I trained up to 2nd Dan some years back and am getting back in it on my own.  Though I don't know you personally I really am learning a great deal from you. 


You’re teaching and technique is Superb.

Thanks for your work,

Ralph Detri

Providence, RI.



Awesome, great martial artist, Great Teacher, A+++

Kempo Koncepts Vol-1

Claude Bourgeois




Hello Gm. Brassard,

My name is Joe Shuras. First of all, I would like to commend you on your videos. We, in the SKK lineage, needed something like that……..

Again, outstanding job on the videos and obviously, your talents and abilities go without question!

I say good for the SKK lineage, you certainly do it the justice that the hardworking serious guys like us deserve. 


Joe Shuras

Milford, Mass. Police Dept.

8th Degree Black Belt



Do you want to know where your opponent will attack first???


Covered in this DVD will be a little known principle as to “Predict” where on your body your opponent will launch his attack.


I use to watch a Grandmaster use this on high-ranking martial artists and had it used on me from the same Grandmaster when I tested for 4th Dan more than 20 years ago.


Even though I knew what he was doing…I simply had no other choice as where I could strike!!!


Needless to say….


This one principle alone can Hyper-Accelerate your fighting skills…..Instantly.


I’ll then rap up this DVD with an old Kenpo rule taught in Vol-1, and then apply it to your Jiu-Jitsu techniques with remarkable results. You will be amazed how this can cure many grappling dilemmas by knowing this.


So put this info to work for you NOW!!!


For only $39.00


Note: If you have not ordered Kempo Koncepts Vol-1 this might be the time since some of these principles are continuations from it.  



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So let me Prove to you that what I do will work for you too!!!

Thank You for Looking


Jim Brassard


“Concentrate on the Principles of motion, and the sequence of motion should fix-itself.”

-GM Jim Brassard



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