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secrets-of-speed-fighting-hitting-strikingSecrets of Speed Fighting

Now, You REALLY can learn how to hit up to TEN times in 1 second & Explode into action BEFORE they can blink an eye!!!

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Learn what Master’s know!!!


Kempo Koncepts Vol-1


With this DVD you will learn over 20 of the base rules that when applied will help you win with LESS effort. Rules dealing with things such as physics, cause & effect, logic and more.



Dear fellow Combat Artist,


Over the last 30 plus years (26 of those as a CAREER instructor) I have learned a plethora of self defense techniques, some sheer suicide if attempted in combat.


During these early stages of learning few instructors’ taught the Y’s of how a self-defense technique should be molded.


In fact if someone would have asked me in 76 what is the rule to activate on the inside so as to help neutralize any further attack from your opponent???  I wouldn’t have had a clue!!!


But the years went on and over them I’ve been lucky enough to be exposed to many other masters and info that made me realize that much of the self defense models I know don’t hold up under fire. 


I’ve also had some students that held degrees in physics as well…..and BOY did I get a whole different view of motion then.


So instead of producing a DVD teaching you a combination or a club technique, I sort of reversed engineered and stripped off the technique to help expose simple rules of motion that might be lurking in a some techniques that when understood will enhance your understanding of motion, and give you a second look at the ones you do practice.


This will help you expose flaws that you might have learned, incurred over the years or just miss-interpreted.


Some examples of what I’m talking about


·        Rules on the inside to stop them from continued attack

·        Proper blocking of an arm on the inside & outside as so the opponent can’t penetrate the block itself.

·        Best hand to block & strike on the outside.

·        Best hand to block & strike while in the inside.

·        Diagonal blocking and how it pertains to the orbit of the strike.

·        Expand & contact theory.

·        Circular vs. linear motion.

·        When you should block vs. when you should redirect or parry.

·        Proper punching in regards to height.

·        And more……


Master Brassard:


I just got done watching your video, "Kempo/Kenpo Koncepts" and it was fantastic.


I have been studying Shaolin Kenpo Karate for 4-1/2" year now and have recently became a Black Belt.  I realize that my journey has only begun and after watching your video it only confirms that I have a long way to go in truly mastering the art.


In my 4-1/2 years, I have learned various forms, combinations, Katas, Pinions etc., but I have never learned in such detail, and yet in a very simplistic way, many of the things you cover in your video.  Such as, Break the Height, Opposites, Diagonal Blocking, Expand and Contract, Circle Ends - Line Begins, Line Ends - Circle Begins and Pain Points.  In my years of studying the art, I have questioned many things along the way.  You have a gift in being able to teach the common sense approach to the many combinations and forms I have learned.  It makes sense when I watch how you teach.  You not only TEACH but you are so good at explaining what it is you are TEACHING along with the practical application of the technique.


From watching this video it has given me many things that I can take and build upon making me a better martial artist and teacher.


Thank you for the time you give back to your students through these videos.


I look forward to your next videos.


With best regards,


G. Dyakon

Laguna Niguel, CA




I end this DVD with 3 entry pain points on the arm that when activated can paralyze any further attack from your opponent.


I make this an important part of my teachings for its likely that the attacker will use a grab, push or punch to begin their assault.


All this will help you with the saying that….


“A Martial System should be your servant and NEVER your master”



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Thank you for looking


Jim Brassard


Man, the living creature, the creating individual, is always more important than any established style or system.”-Bruce Lee



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