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Special Report


30-Day Fat-Murdering Plan

Drop pounds in a hurry with the 3-2-1 plan


Dear Fitness Friends,


Do you have the stomach for summer????


Well you will!!! In this 15 page report you will learn one of the most advance technologies to removing fat and getting some incredible muscle tone known to man.

 I kinda put together aspects of my other courses in a sampler to show you how effective and fast they REALLY are.

 Coupled with the mathematical design of the 3-2-1 method (Which is not found in any of my courses) you will see a dramatic effect in your body in less than a month!!!

 NOTE: This is not for the faint of heart. You will have to apply yourself.


But if you do, within just 30 days (or less) you will look and feel like an Olympic athlete. Sooooo


Who is this program for???


It’s for the busy male or female who has trouble getting in a workout, but would do so if they knew the transformation they will see within just the first few workouts.

It’s for any combat athlete who wants to increase their endurance and strength.

It’s for those of you may go to the gym yet see no results month after month.

It’s for anyone who wants to save time and see results FAST!!!!

And….it’s for those who not only want to banish fat, but put on some lean muscle……BOTH at the same time!!!!


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With this 3-2-1 method you will see and feel results almost immediately!!!


That’s right!! This system combines the right amount of cardio, strength and core training in the right order to get the results faster than any other method I’ve shown so far.

 If you stick to the course and give it is due attention it will take NO MORE than a month to get the results some people will take years to achieve.


 “Hi Jim, In the 30 over years or so that I've been seriously weight lifting, (sets of six 600lb. rack pulls and 500 lb. squats) among other exercises, I've never experienced more dramatic results  in terms of strength, size and muscle density increase than I have since focusing on your body movement through space exercises, at your suggested tempo. You have disciple.” Thanks again! Jack Foley Milton, Ma. Fire Department


You can download this 15 page Special report right now for


Only $9


That all!!! For about the price of a cup of coffee a day for a week’s time you can put this powerful information to work for you.

 Just do this routine about 2-4 times a week, less if you’re a beginner and more if your in better shape and you will get the look and feel you deserve in less than 30 days.


Don’t waste time; download this routine to your computer NOW!!!!



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Thank you for looking!!!


Jim Brassard



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