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Jim Brassard

Physical and Mental



The martial arts were originally aimed towards life preservation, but today people come from all walks of life, each with their own set of reasons. Some for self defense, others want to fight in tournaments, OR to become

Incredibly Fit.

Our COMBAT FITNESS exercises do just that!!! You will increase Strength, Power, Flexibility and Endurance so you feel and look great.

Here's a sample of what our COMBAT FITNESS

program and the martial arts have to offer..... 


              1. You'll burn off fat and can eat more than normal and still look good

              2. Pack FUNCTIONAL muscle faster than you think

              3. You don't need equipment, and can train anywhere

              4. You can get a killer workout in just 15 mins a day

              5. Eliminate pain from weight lifting ( Bruce Lee only hurt himself

                  when using weights, not these exercises)

              6. You'll turn back this clock and look younger.

              7. You will know how to defend yourself and your loved ones if the

                   time comes


Our body strength training does stave off the aging process. The

nine biomarkers of aging and the quality of each in our lives are

directly affected by strength training. Specifically........


                 1. BONE DENSITY: As we age, bones tend to lose calcium, get

                                                  weaker and more brittle.

                 2. BODY TEMPERATURE: The body temperature should be at 98.6

                                                             degrees, but as we get older we lose muscle

                                                             and the heat it provides.

                 3. BASAL METABOLIC RATE: Our rate declines about 2% per decade

                      after the age of 25.

                 4. A DECLINE IN MUSCLE STRENGTH: Older people are less strong 

                                                                                    because of the deterioration of

                                                                                    muscle and motor nerves.

                                                                                    This starts after age 30.

                 5. FAT CONTENT IN BODY: Between 20 and 70 average people

                                                                double their ratio of fat. ( Exercise also

                                                                retards appetite )

                 6. AEROBIC CAPACITY: The body's ability to use oxygen declines

                                         by roughly 40% at the time we reach 65.

                 7. CHOLESTEROL AND HDL RATIOS: Around 40-50 people see a

                                                                                 decrease in their HDL

                                                                                 (high Density Lipoproteins)

                                                                                 This is the GOOD CHOLESTEROL

                                                                                 which prevents heart disease.

                 8. DECLINE IN MUSCLE MASS: Most Americans lose 7 pounds of

                                                                       muscle every decade after 20,

                                                                       and THAT rate increases after 45.

                 9. BLOOD PRESSURE: Lots of people see rising blood pressure

                                                        with each decade.


Our COMBAT FITNESS increases strength and this type of

training is the ONLY activity that's been scientifically proven to

positively affect ALL of these biomarkers.






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