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Do You Take Your Body for Granted????

“Increase Your Power and Strength, Reduce Training Session Times, Maintain Fitness and Power, and Burn Fat with Combat Fitness”

You will change your body and get into the best shape of your life in less time than you could ever imagine.

 New Bodies for old!

You wanna get fast results,


Sports scientist from other countries such as Bulgaria and Russia through many tests found that it is…


ONLY through moving your body thru space during exercise that MAXIMUM RESULTS can be achieved!!!


And only thru this manner critical hormones are released that are largely responsible for growth.

These results validate what some of the strongest men who ever lived such as Siegmund Breitbart, Joe Bonomo and many others knew all along.


When this information was implemented into their training, these countries began trouncing the world!!!

Even the small country of Bulgaria became a force to recon with.





Dear Friends,

 I started my martial arts training in the mid 70’s when Bruce Lee was the rage and the Kung-fu series was a hit T.V. show. Back then the training was hard and tough and the exercises were nearly impossible to do. Just surviving a class or test, was a show of strength. We had to do body exercises and static holds that would be considered abuse in today’s gyms.


Yet if you stuck with program, the drills paid off. The average black belt back then really did look more like Bruce Lee.


I can recall one of my first instructors demonstrating an exercise that was a feat of PURE STRENGTH (The Superman Pushup). I remember thinking I could NEVER BE ABLE TO DO THAT. Well….over the years I’ve come to master this drill, and have learned many others besides.



The Superman Pushup

 And I’ve compiled them in this course for you, exercises that will bring about tremendous body conditioning and health. Movements that resemble the way animals move and using just your body against gravity to get remarkable results. And you can do them anywhere; you don’t need any expensive equipment.


Just when I thought I could not be surprised any further, I was! The tips in this manual are fairly simple yet extremely effective. It shows how you can increase the intensity of any exercise to meet your routine, or just to fit with what kind of workout you are looking for on a given day(or night). I am confident that this manual with its accompanying DVDs is the only exercise program I will ever need!

Jim Rubel, MA.


Combat Fitness:Exercises of the Iron Man program is broken into 3 sections. Upper and lower body, then the core. I’ve included over 60 exercises,


Like the Rolling Horse, a Chi-Kung body and Breathing drill that will make your lower body stronger like you wouldn’t believe. It puts a heck of a Spin on the old Hindu-Squat.

 I remember learning this at a seminar in the 80’s. The whole room couldn’t do it for more than 20 reps. And most of them were Black Belts in Karate.

Each drill has a Goal for you to achieve, and if you do…….your probably one of the strongest and most conditioned athletes in the world.

 And the end of this manual I’ve designed over 20 Workout Routines for you to choose from. Some are quick ones, while the others can take up to an hour. You can decide!!

They will combine all body parts so you get a Complete and Effective Workout. You’ll also get a killer-cardio workout as you build the body of your dreams.

That’s two for the price of one: Full Strength and Cardio-Training all at once, not to mention stretching and flexibility as well.


Some of these routines will just target one specific body area. Like….

Perform the Core-Killer Workout and bullets will bounce off your midsection.

Try the Upper Body-Blast workout and your need to buy much bigger shirts.

 Complete the Lower Body-blast workout and your legs will look like tree trunks.


I received my book from you this weekend. I started with a couple of the lower body exercises. My quads are blasted!

This will be a great addition to my regular gym workout.

John Magor

John Magor Photography



So… let me ask you this!!! … 

  1. If someone tells you to HAUL ASS!!….do you need to make more than 2 trips?
  2. When you look down without bending….can you see your feet?
  3. Is the only thing stopping you from going to the gym…..the door?


If you answer yes” to any these, then you’ll… 



 And let me give you a hint on this………..It’s not just the old dieting or cardio remedy like you might have been told. These are Proven Facts, and I’m going to teach it to you in this course on page 92.

You’ll be burning off fat, even while you sleep.

The information contained in this one page will change your thinking about fat loss…….and your body forever.


Hey Jim,

Sorry I wasn't in class the other night but I've been going through a few trials lately. I do have a bone to pick with you though; my pants don't fit me anymore! Seriously, I've lost 2 inches on my waist and I now have muscles growing over my elbows. Your exercises do weird things to me. Doing Hindu pushups with my feet spread apart made me sore in the tops of my inner thigh. I didn't even know you could work those muscles! I'll see you thurs. night and keep up the good work.


Dave Wordell


Just do the MARTIAL CIRCUIT – A or B in this manual on page 80, 3-4 times a week and your clothes will be falling off you in no time.

BEWARE: These workouts are not for the faint-of-heart!!!

Good news for your girlfriend or boyfriend.

And there’s more!!!!


The Iron Man Workout in this manual alone, can double your strength in just a few weeks.


That’s right!!!  I’ve taken Master Key exercises from the manual and combined them into a short workout that will add to your strength in just a couple of weeks. Combined with a Special Rep Series Method you will see big gains in your strength in virtually no time.

So are you up for this challenge?

 If you are, you will get stronger and more fit than ever imagined. 


“And you cannot have Health without Strength or have Strength without Health.” – Joe Bonomo



Order the Combat Fitness Course:


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In addition I’m also going to show you the way to create the COMBAT DECK, using the exercises in this manual. This workout is based on the Goal numbers set for each and every exercise and requires some minor math to set the 4 levels for you to work through. All you need is some index cards and a pen, and know how to shuffle: and I’ll show you the rest.

 But if those reps are too hard for you

Then I’m going to show you how you can make….



As an added bonus I will show you the secret method on how to design the numbers of all the exercises to fit Just for Your Body. With 4 different levels of intensity for you to work on. You can apply this method to any exercise; and it’s worth the price of this course alone.

 I realize that some people will be strong in certain drills and weak in others. This is the way to find out, and train accordingly. And…


Could I make it any easier for you?




Would you like to look and feel more like BRUCE LEE than


 Then these drills and circuits will do just that!!!!!


This Powerful program Features over 60 exercises and 27 workout routines. Most routines are mathematically designed to produce fast results, without getting bored while you workout. And others use Time Duration to gauge the workout in case you don’t feel like counting one day.


You’ll also receive with this manual………...


 These DVD’s will not only show you how to properly do most of the exercises,

But they will also teach you how to make these drills Even Harder than shown in the manual

I show you a few simple tricks that can turn a 20 rep exercises into a 5 or 10 rep ones. All you have to do is keep repeating the process and you’ll keep challenging yourself forever.

And their broken down into the Upper, Lower and Core workout: each DVD has its own unique workouts to target that specific area of the body.


Workouts routines that are not found in the manual!!!!


Hey Jim


Back in February I was in a snowmobile accident. I broke 3 ribs, bruised my lung and broke 3 bones in my back that are attached to the spinal cord. I was in ICU for a few days then ended up in bed for over 7 weeks healing. I was told that it would be at least a year before my body would be back to normal. I went to physical therapy for 6 weeks on the advice of my doctor. I found that it helped a bit, but I was still in pain and wasn't able to accomplish the jobs I usually did at work.


Finally, a friend of mine suggested I take your class. Thankfully I took his advice. I have found that my pain is less and less the more I am involved in your class. I am much more flexible, my muscles are stronger and my body is getting back to the way it was before my accident. I am able to go through the day and meet the physical expectations at my job along with my regular daily activity.


The strength training that you teach is different than any other that I have experienced. See you next week.


Jason West


Here are some of the priceless secrets you will learn from the Combat Fitness: Exercises of the Iron Man.


  1. Many exercises to hit all the body parts: You probably won’t get to all of them in a year.


  1. Your body will become its own gym: Think of how much you’ll save in gym memberships.


  1. Some Rarely Seen Chi-Kung drills: To stimulate health and muscle toning.


  1. Develop Strength, Endurance and Flexibility: These exercises to just that. ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!!


  1. Over 25 workouts: You might not even get to all of them in a year.


  1. The Secret of the Pyramid workout: How to use a number sequence to disguise repetition and perform high reps. You’ll reach well into the 100’s, yet never count more than 30.


  1. Workout Whenever: All you need is your body and the gravitational pull of the earth. That means you can workout more…which means a faster and newer you.


  1. The Iron Man workout: You’ll notice a BIG difference in your strength with this method within a few short sessions. By the way, it also can be applied to weight lifting too.


There’s no doubt that this course will get you into

Incredible shape……fast.



“The weakness of one muscle or vital organ may cause the wreck of a

Person’s entire life.” - Siegmund Breitbart


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So here’s what you’ll get!!!!


1. The Combat Fitness manual: Over 60 exercises with pictures for easy learning and over 25 workouts out for you to choose from. Including the Iron Man workout and the real Secret to Fat Loss. You also learn the methods of creating both the Combat Deck, and Your own Personal Combat Deck.

 2. 3-DVD’S: That shows you how to do most of the exercises and also how to increase its intensity. Each DVD has 3 mini workouts to blast their specific body part.




By acting now you will get these Free Gifts…


Free Gift 1-Joe Bonomo’s “Feats of Strength”

A VERY rare reprint of the strongman’s tricks & secrets to perform such acts as: Tearing a phone book in half, lifting a man overhead with one hand, Tearing a deck of cards in half, resist the arm pull of 4 people( they will not be able to pull your arms apart no matter how hard they try) and MANY MORE. Also in this book Joe shows Individual Muscle Control, a forgotten form of exercise that will aid you in building strength, limberness and mental control you will need to perform these feats of strength.

 Free Gift 2-A live Combat Fitness Class DVD

We filmed a unique live workout at our school that you can just put in the DVD player and just go along with it…or write down the drills and do it anywhere, anytime. It’s even got breathing exercises on it.


This info has taken me years to learn, and developed of the past 30 years

And I’ll share it with you for……


Only $99



That’s right for the cost of about 1 dollar a day for the next 3 months; you will change yourself with this information.


Think of it this Way:


If within 3 months or less with this course…..

1. You’ve lost all your body Fat.

2. You’re about 2 -4 times stronger as you are now.

3. Any back problems you might had are gone because of some of these drills.

4. You sleep better at night.

5. You have much more energy.

6. You eat much MORE and still don’t gain fat.

7. You have NO depression anymore.

8. You feel tight like a drum.

9. Your waist line HAS DROPPED INCHES

10. Your significant other won’t keep their hands off you (If you know what I mean).


Wouldn’t that be worth a lousy dollar for the next 3 months???

You’re darn right it would!!!!

 So for only $99 you’ll get what took me over 30 years of training to learn. Set down in this manual and the DVD’s.


The Combat Deck is my own invention to this course along with how to set the numbers. I’ve been teaching this for years and it never fails.


In fact I had a marine (Russ Kelup) who trained with me for the summer a few years back. Now he could bench press 380 lbs., so he kind of pooh-poohed my exercises in class since he thought weights were the only way to strength.


By the end of the summer, he pulled me over after class and told me in just the short time he trained with me; he had gotten about 5-10 % stronger in almost all his weight lifting. He was now benching 400 lbs. He told me the only thing that he was doing different was my classes and thanked me for teaching him these drills.

A year later we bumped into each other, he told me in ALL of Boston (where he was living then) he couldn’t find anyone who teaches the same exercises I do.

So what are you going to do about yourself???


Mr. Brassard,


I'm following up on the phone message that I just left on your answering machine thanking you for your Combat Fitness manual & DVD's that I recently acquired. I have been involved in JKD for quite awhile and also got started in bicycling about 8 months ago.  I am very much looking forward to integrating your material into my daily routine.  And, since I am 50 yrs old, I can use all the help and insight I can get.  Your wisdom & knowledge coupled with your obvious enthusiasm really enhances what you teach.  I am already subscriber to your email newsletters.

Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Steve F. Barnes

Abilene, TX


The total amount for the Combat Fitness: Exercises of the Iron men – which includes, the course manual, 3 DVD’s and the free gifts for only $99. Not much to get all this information and secrets that can transform you to a different person.


Buy Now…You New Body is Calling!!!




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P.S. And Ladies this course will build muscle in all the right place while vaporizing unwanted fat.  

“A wise man is Strong, yea and a man of knowledge increases Strength.”- Proverbs 24:5 King Solomon


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