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Attention: Health & Fitness Fanatics
Increase your POWER & STRENGTH, Reduce Training Session Times, Burn Calories & Learn The Secret of an
American Superhero's Strength
...and how you can do this ALL without Long Hours of Lifting Weights or Long-Distance Running!!!
Dear Martial Artist & Fitness Friends,

After the success of my first course Combat Fitness: Exercises of the Iron man, I've received requests from around the globe to write another manual.

Unlike my first course which is full of over 90 exercises and routines, I've gone into detail about other aspects of strength training, health & weight loss as well as reveal some long forgotten exercises of "Old."

So, if you've been searching for a program created for those who are after Fast weight lost and muscle building along with Olympic like endurance, then this manual for you!!!

Body Power will teach you some Strength Secrets of strongmen such as Joe Bonomo, Siegmund Breitbart, Bruce Lee and many others of the past. They all knew what sports scientist from other countries such as Bulgaria and Russia through many tests found that it is....

ONLY through moving your body thru space during exercise that MAXIMUM RESULT can be achieved!!!
This is largely do to the fact that it is the type of training that releases the most fitness related hormones thus leading to faster and greater results, "more bang for your buck" you might say.
When this information was implemented into their training, these countries began trouncing the world!!! Even the small country of Bulgaria became a force to recon with.

"Hey, Grandmaster Brassard/Sir. I have your fitness books, along with Insanity and p90x, and I just wanted to let you know that I now notice most the exercises
they do in Insanity and p90x I already learned through your combat fitness and body power, so I want to thank you for making these products. And your workouts are the number one thing I use for my Martial Arts fitness training and everything else is supplement to them."
- Nathan Mallow Black Belt Rockford, Illinios
If you're a Martial Artist of any kind, this manual is a must for your library. Most of these drills are meant for combative athletes and will make your ability's sore!!!
Let's take a look at just a few of the lessons you will learn in Building Body Power.....

Centuries Old Secret - How You can Rub your Belly Away with nothing more than the palms of your hands - just 2 effortless minutes a day and the correct procedure.
The Vibro-Hindu Pushup - learning this will intensify this exercise as well as build strength twice as fast.

Better Vision Exercise - That's right!!! A long lost drill to improve your vision with just 5 minutes a day. If done correctly the results are instant.

Shower Time - What to do in the shower that will increase your energy levels and slim you down within a few days. NO.....Guys it's not that!!!

Tibetan Spinning - An ancient exercise that skyrockets your weight loss efforts. Will make you look younger on a cellular level, energizes the body and is used by the monks to help increase life span.

That's just for starters......
The first part of the course will take you through Seven Chi-Kung Breathing Exercises.

The breathing exercise on page 6 when done will Increase the Size of Your Chest and general toning of your body.

The Abdominal breathing exercise on page 9 will Create Six-Pack Abs in record time.

Rage: On
GM Brassard performing Rage
page 10 & 11 is a little seen breathing and tension drill that will
Rip-up Your Upper Body within days. I learned this from a Master back in the 80's and have not seen it taught anywhere since.

How would you like to know.....???
A Short Cut To Great Abs???

You will learn one of the best drills to carve out a six-pack stomach as well as develop a stronger back. I'll give you 4 variations in ascending difficulty to keep you progressing toward this goal.

How to Burn 20% More Fat while just Walking!!!

That Right!!! A little known technique that you do on your next walk that will boost your Fat-Burning process, and the logic behind this method and why it works!!!

The Exercises that will develop a
Tight Butt FAST!!!

I will show you the 3 exercises that when done, will turn your butt into steel. A couple of these are very rare....in fact I hardly ever see them taught.

Body Power is peppered with over 70 exercises; some of them have been lost to the ravages of time.
Like the Zishe-Squat & Dive-Over Push up. Developed by Siegmund Breitbart (1883-1925), also known popularly as "Zishe", a Polish-born circus performer, vaudeville strongman and Jewish folklore hero. He was known as the "Strongest Man in the World" and "Iron king") during the 1920s.
He bent iron bars around his arm in floral patterns, bit through iron chains or tore them apart, and could even rip horseshoes in half.  

Zishe could hold back 2 horse being whipped, carry a baby
elephant up a ladder while in his teeth was a rope with a locomotive wheel attached to it and 3 men dangling from it!!!

Now that's Body Power!!!!!
Mind you...this was before modern gyms, bodybuilding and the use of steroids to enhance strength, which dates back to about 1931.
You will also learn his unique abs drill on page 17 that he did to help develop a steel core which was crucial to his freakish strength.
His feats of strength have not all been duplicated to this day. In fact they made a movie about his life called "The Invincible". I believe he is the only strongman from the days of old that a movie was done on his life.

Some have credited Breitbart, who was billed during his 1923 American tour as "The Superman of the Ages," with inspiring Joe Siegel and Jerry Shuster to create the iconic superhero Superman in 1933.

Siegmund Breitbart
"The weakness of one muscle or vital organ may cause the wreck of a person's entire life"- Siegmund Breitbart "Zishe"
The exercises I teach my students have had dramatic effects on their health. For over 40 years I've been introducing men and women of all ages to this extraordinary system. The results are shocking, and proof that these drills work, and work FAST!!!

Within One workout you will feel the difference!!!

Most other exercise programs have you spend 30 minutes cardio and then an hour or more strength training with weights or such.
But with the Body Power & the workout routines at the end of the manual will do it "all" in as little as 10-15 minutes a day and all you need is your bodyweight and the gravitational pull of the earth.

"My son and I love your products.  He is fourteen and works out everyday on one of your programs.
Pete Madel III
We started last November and he has gone from doing four chin ups to twenty, from fifteen good pushups to sixty, from ten dips to thirty-five and from forty Hindu Squats to over one hundred.  He started with P90X and really liked that, but he says his strength has really taken off with your programs. Keep up the good work."
Pete Madel III Waseca, Minnesota

So what other benefits will you get from
-You will get as lean as you want....FAST!!!
-Melt away those damn love-handles quickly.
-Triple your endurance within a month.
-You'll have more raw-energy then you ever felt before.
-Get a muscular body carved in stone!
-Strength Secrets of the old time strongmen - before drugs & fancy machine were around.
-Build real world Strength & Power. Doubles your useable strength in record time
-Develop Strength, Endurance and Flexibility: These exercises to just that. ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!!
-You will look years younger. I'm always pegged at 5-10 years younger than I am.
-You can get an Olympic style workout in 15 minutes or less. You will have muscles that are pliable and Powerful like an Animal!!!
-Your body will become your gym. You can train anywhere anytime.

-How would you like to know the one food that if you eat you will lose up to 2 pounds a month???
This will happen even if you don't change your diet or exercise. This same food can also increase your strength, if you do what I tell you to do with it on page 77 & 78.

-On page 92 you will learn an exercise that Professional Body Builders use to reduce his waistline before competition.
This drill can reduce your waistline up to 4 inches within a few weeks, with very little effort on your part. All it takes is about 10 minutes a day.

-The exercise on page 5 can help replace a full night's sleep in 15 minutes or less.

-The Animal Training on pages 64-66 will challenge the most conditioned athlete. Practice these and you will see a different in your strength within days!!!!
Did you know that the strongest animal in the jungle is MOSTLY related to us???
A chimpanzee, pound for pound, has as much as twice the
strength of a human when it came to pulling weights. The average gorilla is approximately 10 times as strong. If humans had the same pound-for-pound strength as gorillas, we would be able to lift 1,800 lbs.
also share 98% of the same DNA as these creatures.

And they don't eat protein bars or lift weights.
-Fit in Just Minutes a Week: The workouts on Pages 87 & 89 just take a minute to do. These are isometric holds and can build incredible strength. These exercises do not involve a certain number of reps. Instead you just hold a position.
-The Bodyweight challenges 100 & 250 on page 96 will give you a body of steel.

-Learn what type of exercise and how to perform them that were discovered at the College of New Jersey that give instant results in boosting strength.
These are emails sent out to my subscribers that is relevant to this course.......

The term "Animal Magnetism" isn't used as much as it used to be.

Part of the reason is that people don't want to be compared to an animal.

In the Martial Arts, the wise practitioner studies the animals and learns to move like them, Tiger, Crane, Snake and so on....

Combative athletes realize that they can take their abilities to an entirely different plane by copying postures, movements breathing and fighting patterns as well!!!!

Take the cat for instance, first off it rests and sort of meditates most of the day. It will sit around staring straight ahead doing nothing.

There's a lesson here...if you take time to sit quietly and breath 10-15 minutes a day, you will be much better off. Your face will start to look different, and even your eyes will change with a sort of glow or sparkle.


If one imitates the way the cat stretches it's entire body in one fell swoop, you will feel energy pour into your body and will perk you up.

If you imitate not just the cat but other animals your body will change including your nervous system. You'll have more control of your emotions and will go through the day with a sense of calm and CONFIDENCE!!!

"Look Deep into Nature and then you will understand Everything Better" - Albert

In summary, when you train your body with the exercises and movements of animals in the wild, your body will change and become more attractive.

This is one of the reasons why the exercises in Combat Fitness and Body Power are so effective. The Hindu-push up in itself mirrors the cat-like movement I just discussed.

Practice this alone daily and you see a difference in the mirror Fast!!!! Not to mention it will help decompress your spine as well.
The Secret of Superman

People ask why I teach these "Old Fashion" training methods, especially when there is so called "modern" resistance training.

The truth is, given the current state, there is no future for STRENGTH training, and we are currently in the Dark Ages.

"Body Building" seems to have become the norm around the 50's. Since that time there have been very few strong people.

As mentioned in my last email, Siegmund Breitbart was know in the 20's as the 'Superman of the Ages."
Feats of strength performed by Breitbart in this period
Breitbart bending Iron
-Having stones broken by sledgehammers on his chest.

-Bending iron bars into floral patterns.
-Rip chains apart

-Tearing horseshoes in half.

-Lying on his back and supporting humongous weights, such as an automobile filled with passengers or a parade of elephants.
Perhaps his greatest legacy was secured when a nine-year-old boy in Cleveland witnessed his 'Superman of the Ages' strongman show.
This awestruck young boy was one Jerry Siegel, who later went on to appropriate Breitbart's stage name and godlike strength for the most iconic superhero of all time.......


As originally conceived and presented in his early stories, Superman's powers were relatively limited, consisting of superhuman strength that
allowed him to lift a car over his head, run at amazing speeds and leap one-eighth of a mile, as well as an incredibly dense body structure that could be pierced by nothing less than an exploding artillery shell. He could be knocked unconscious and nearly killed by powerful electric fields or bombs. Siegel and Shuster compared his strength and leaping abilities to an ant and a grasshopper.(Source Wikipedia)
As you can see, Superman's powers grew of the years......

He started out with great strength like Breitbart, and then was added animal-like abilities.

HMMM.....ALL Martial Artist out there, any bells going
off right now???

His training methods seem to stop being practiced by the 50's or so.

The fact of the matter is that if you are interested in getting stronger.....you have to go back to these old school methods, like moving your body through space and at certain angles and such.......

Look around in most magazines and infomercials; you will see that the trend is going in the direction of bodyweight cals.
They simply work the best and gives everyone results fast.
Take the basic push up for example; it's been around for ages, WHY? Because it works. This exercise works every muscle in the body.
I put my students through this simple test all the time to prove my point.......
Just get in a push up position and try to hold it for 30 seconds. 
You should start to feel every muscle in your body straining to hold that position. Killer Tip: The muscle straining the most is your weakest link. 
Keep increasing by 15 seconds till you hit 5 Minutes......Then put on the red cape and slap an "S" on your chest.
Gain the Strength of the Spartans.

The Spartans are still regarded as have been the toughest warrior race to have ever existed.

They became so strong that the crowd passed around hushed stories that these power-houses were the illegitimate offspring of mortal woman and TITANS-----the mighty giants who warred with the gods before humanity came to be.

Longbows salvaged from Henry VIII's ship The Mary Rose have been estimated to have a draw weight of up to 900 newtons; which is roughly 200 lbs.
NO archer alive today is capable of handling a bow like that!!!
On Page 46 You will learn one of the most important exercise the Ancient Warriors did to turn them into these "Greek Gods"!!!

Spartan warriors were expected to be strong and fit and, every ten days, young men had to stand naked in public so their bodi
es could be inspected. Those who failed to meet standards of physical fitness were beaten and censured.
It also teaches total body coordination skills that just can't be replaced any other way. The act of stabilizing yourself in this exercise causes the vestibular system-the balance organ in the inner ear to adapt and become more efficient.
This translates into a sense of heightened equilibrium and kinesthetic awareness in ALL your other moves.
Your veins and arteries will become more supple, stronger and healthier. The same principle applies to the digestive organs. Your head becomes flushed with fresh blood.
This is tonic for the brain, and you will find that you feel refreshed and alert after finishing.

The 300 Workout

Page 88 has a Leg & Lung workout named after the movie "300" based on the Spartans, in which 300 of them along with an alliance with the Greek States at the Battle of Thermopylae, held off nearly 100,000 to 150,000 Persians.

Leg work is a powerful and effective exercise; its effect is on the ENTIRE BODY!!!
Arthur Jones termed this the "Indirect Effect"- where a single exercise has a dramatic effect on the entire body, than just the area worked.

Intense leg work will lead to gains throughout the body....Know why????
It's simple: The hips and legs are the largest muscles of the body. When you train them intensely the demands placed upon these muscles stimulates your body to produce much higher levels of testosterone and growth hormones.
This means bigger gains for you all over!!!!

Oh Ya....almost forgot that on page 86 there is also a "300" workout for the Upper Body too.
Order Body Power, and make the change from Human to Animal/Super Human Strength and Fitness!!!!!!!
"Hi Jim,
Just a note to provide some feedback on your fitness exercises and manuals,
In the 30 over years or so that I've been seriously weight lifting, (sets of six 600lb. rack pulls and 500 lb. squats) among other exercises, I've never experienced more dramatic results in terms of strength, size and muscle density increase than I have since focusing on your body movement through space exercises, at your suggested tempo. You have disciple.
Thanks again!"-Jack Foley
Milton, Ma. Fire Department
And as a hidden benefit.......

If you are a teacher of any Combat Sport, this course will increase your value immensely

As most of my customers are instructors of some kind, you can NOW give them these benefits contained in this letter if they hire YOU as their instructor. You can easily recoup your investment 1000's of times over with this course.
Right now, you can get My Body Power Course for only $29 
That's peanuts compared to the knowledge in this manual, not to mention the New Body and Health you will achieve!!
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