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Kenpo/Kempo DVDs


Kempo/Kenpo Karate Seminar 2006 Jim Brassard


Learn from GM Jim Brassard Awarded & Recognized as... 


Outstanding Contribution to The Martial Arts As A Grand Master


Action Martial Arts Magazines Hall Of Honors



GM Jim Brassard covers some Advanced Concepts in Kempo Karate at his seminar 06.

Some of the things you can put to work for you.....

Using the theories of opposite and reverse motion to aid in one’s blocking system.


This alone can double your ability to block!!!


Better angle's of low blocking..this will aid you in your counter defense INSTANTLY!!


Better striking principles and why they work!!! 


Advanced ways of executing combinations....That the Masters Teach
A Crane striking set – Known as the Roaming Crane, A powerful set to aid in increasing fluidity while striking......


If you master this set.....your opponent will NOT be able to defend against it, not to mention you will increase your hand speed INSTANTLY!!!

Linear and circular theories are also examined to show how to deliver your strikes..... 


With this info you can penetrate ANYONE'S defense and land your strike...AT WILL....AND NOT BY LUCK!!!!!



And as an added BONUS you will also receive a current copy of Martial Arts & Combat Fitness Centers. A T.V. Show produced and hosted by Jim Brassard broadcast in the New England Area.


Each episode contains Martial Arts and Fitness tips, as well as interviews with leading Martial Artists.


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Kempo/Kenpo Karate Seminar 2005
- Jim Brassard


Master Jim Brassard teaches a White Tiger Lock Flow drill,
which covers over 10 locks, seizes and breaks

( known as a body-kata).

Also height, width and depth are explored as it
relates to self defense.

Some entry pain points in self defense techniques
are also covered, and several sparring techniques are looked at
as well as applying the 3 dimensions and pain points.

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Kempo in Kentucky
Jim Brassard

GM. Jim Brassard covers a chin-na slip set,
(similar to the white tiger lock flow drill taught in the 2005 DVD)
a range of locks, throws and strangle techniques
commonly taught in most Jiu-Jitsu systems.

Also some pain points and how to activate them is looked at.

Several master keys to achieving power are taught while
applying physics to the subject.

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