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Children's Programs

Martial Arts Will Prepare your Child for Life!



“How would you like your Child to get Better Grades, Be more Respectful, Get into Better Shape AND Know How to Protect Themselves???”


If the answer is YES to these questions, then our schools the answer….


We Guarantee It!!!


It’s a fact that children who participate in our martial arts program are More Confident, have better Self-Control and Concentrate Better.


That’s why ALL our students receive High Marks at school!!


It’s no wonder millions of parents supplement their Children’s Formal Education with the Martial Arts.





  Our Belt Reward System will improve you Childs Self Esteem much more than team sports. It provides them with a greater sense of accomplishment, so they feel better about themselves. This is an important step for them saying “NO” to Drugs and Crime.


Some years back a mother of one of our Brown Belts came to me and asked if she could speak to me alone. I thought to myself “Oh boy, here comes a complaint.”


Nope….she wanted to tell me that her son was asked to do drugs at school this week and that he FLATLY REFUSED. She told me the training he received at our school would not allow him to EVER do such a thing.


She when on to tell me that whatever you are teaching these kids is incredible…..and that you can’t put a price on a child saying NO to drugs.


That students name was Rory O’Malley; his mother was a local school teacher here in town. They moved away some years ago.


It’s a Fact that EVERY student who trains with us NEVER engages in drugs or crime and begins getting High Grades at School………………..




Like Elizabeth Madden, who just graduated with not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4,

BUT 5 SCHOLARSHIPS to Salem state college.


She is one of our finest Black Belts!!!!




We work with the parents to set clear limits for children. We always insist on good behavior during class, at home and in school.


This is done by drilling in every class the “Rules of Conduct”….Like….


1. ETIQUETTE: Proper manners, and to “Honor” Mom and Dad at all times. This rule also means to Respect All….Including Themselves: Such as Eating Right, Staying Clean, Exercise Daily, Keeping Room Clean, and…..



Along with this rule we stress the Golden Law in every class;


“Treat Others the Way you want to be treated”



2. EFFORT: Always trying hard…AND NEVER GIVING UP!!!

This process takes time to learn and many times kids discouraged; it’s easy to just give up and quit, but requires Effort to succeed. This is were the Parents HELP US, and reinforce this at home.


Albert Einstein once said “I’m no Smarter then the next guy; I just stuck with the problem longer.”


And so we teach “Quitters never win, and Winners Never Quit!!!”

This is taught to all students young and old, and that’s why our students Excel at what they do.


“Train up a child in the way he should go,
And even when he is old he will not depart from it.”- Solomon Proverbs 22:6








Children today are more overweight and out of shape than any generation that has come before us. This is do to “Man Made” foods and lack of exercise. Watch the movie “Super Size Me” and you’ll get a bigger picture.


Our classes increase Speed, Stamina, and Strength in children. The program also develops Balance, Coordination and Timing. This will improve all other sports and activities.   


We teach COMBAT FITNESS exercises not found anywhere on Cape Cod, along with ancient Chi-kung drills in every class.


These exercises will Build more Strength and Burn more Fat than any other activity known.



Our students are Among the Healthiest and Strongest kids in the Country!!!!!


My 10 year old son Jack has been a student of Jim Brassard's for just over 3 years now.

When he first started he was affraid to try team sports because he lacked confidence.

 He now plays both lacrosse and football and his coach told us he is the strongest kid

on his football team.

 This year he has already met all the qualifications for the presidential fitness award.

. Only a handful of kids in each school achieve this award each year. This will be

Jack's second year in a row to recieve it, and his second year eligible to compete.

 Last year he was the only child in  his grade at school to recieve high honor roll

all four terms.I attribute a lot of his success to the discipline and lessons he is taught  

 at Self Defense Centers USA. Thank You Jim!


                                                       Karin Pipatti


We even have Fitness Requirements for each rank










We wish this wasn’t a factor, but the chances of having to defend oneself in life are almost a certainty.  That’s why we teach Real Life Self-Defense Methods to increase their safety. And just like learning how to swim or ride a bike……


These skills will stay with them for the rest of their life!!!


You will have peace of mind knowing that your child can defend himself or get away from any attack. In fact by the first 6 months of training,


No one will be able to put their hands on your child.


Our Blocking Exercises are just that good!!!!!


A while back one parent told me he tried to discipline his son and went to grab him, he said he tried about 6 times but couldn’t get his hands on him. The child got away and ran into his room.


I said, “Well….Your getting you moneys worth, What if it was a Bully or a Predator trying to touch your child???”, He agreed and said we were doing one HECK of a job.

Karate School Credited For Boy Escaping Attack

           HE even joined our Adult Classes after that!!!!

See what parents have to say about our school:



So are you Ready to give your Child a Lifetime of Health and Security???


If so Then….

            Give us a try for just $99 which includes:

-4 weeks of lessons

-Karate Uniform and Belt

-Yellow Belt DVD, for home study



CALL NOW at (508)-771-0111

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“If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do matters very much.” – Jackie Kennedy




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