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Chinese Boxing
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GUARANTEED The Most Effective Strength Building, Muscle Toning, Fat Loss & Self-Defense System Available!!!
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Jim Brassard Voted TOP 200 Martial Arts Schools
& Instructor in North America (Out of 30,000) by
Macho Martial Arts Supply Company & Martial Arts Business Magazine

We live in a dangerous world. Crime is on the rise, home invasions are commonplace, and our streets are increasingly scary. 
Karate Adults Cape Cod Hyannis - Jiu Jujitsu Karate Kung Fu
Why not empower yourself with a "Battle Tested" system to protect your family, and get in amazing shape at the same time.

Presidentially Awarded Grandmaster Jim Brassard's Martial Arts programs will do just that. 

Adults all over the world are learning the 2000 year old secrets to instantly disable any attacker, regardless of size, training, cunning or tactics....

And how would you like to get "High School" Skinny once again??? 

Bored with the "Gym" and want to get in great shape while learning to defend yourself and your family in any possible situation?? Then our classes are the answer...

You'll Increase Strength, Energy, Power, Flexibility and Endurance all at the same time!!

Here are some benefits
you will get 
when you train with us..
1. You'll burn off fat and can eat more than normal and still look good.

2. You'll pack FUNCTIONAL muscle faster than you think. 

3. You don't need equipment, and can train anywhere

4. You can get a killer workout in just 2 classes a week.

5. Eliminate pain from weight lifting (Bruce Lee only hurt himself when using weights, not these exercises and routines)

6. You'll turn back this clock and look younger. 
And most importunately......

7. You will know how to Protect Yourself and Your Loved ones if the time ever comes!!! 

"When It Comes To Protecting Yourself...
You Are All ALONE!!"

  • Police cannot protect and are not legally liable for failing to protect individual citizens.
  • "Warren v. District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Dept.,444 A.2d 1(D.C. App. 1981), the courts stated: Courts have without exception concluded that when a municipality or other governmental entity undertakes to furnish police services, it assumes a duty only to the public at large and not to individual members of the community"
  • A former Attorney General told Florida legislators that police responded to only 200,000 of 700,000 calls for help to Dade County authorities.
  • Back in 1999 there were 168,881 crimes of violence for which police had not responded within 1 hour.
  • Can you imagine what the numbers are today???

-One rape or sexual assault occurs every
two minutes
-One violent crime occurs every five seconds in the U.S.
-One murder occurs every 34 minutes.

So that is why.......
Jim Brassard's Self Defense Program is the Best in the Country!!! 

Karate Adults Cape Cod Hyannis - Cape Cod Hyannis Ma Jiu Jujitsu Karate Kung Fu Self-Defense
Our system is based on Logic, Fighting Principles and the laws of physics. So you can be assured that what you will learn is effective and can save your life!!! For example...
You will learn all the 4 ways of Fighting Known to Man.

1 - Striking Arts: Punching, striking - open or closed hand or use of any part of the arms, elbows, forearms, etc.

2 - Kicking Arts: Using the legs to defend and attack with.

3 - Grappling Arts: Wrestling, holding, breaking, locking bones or joints against pressure points

4 - Felling Arts: That is to knock an opponent off his feet by throwing, tripping, pulling, pushing, shoving, or scooping him

We teach you Real Life Self-Defense Methods 
to increase
you and your 
Family's Safety
Some Martial arts schools have lots of weapons training in their curriculum
Though this is a Martial art, it does little to prepare you to defend yourself.

After all, YOU will not have any of these weapons on you when the attack comes. 

Remember, the Attacker will Chose the Time and Place of the Attack.....NOT YOU!! 

You will not have a weapon on you, nor will your attacker let you get to one.

So instead, You will
Become A Weapon!! 

Did you know that "Rule 21" is taught to Police. It states that it is to late for an officer to retrieve their firearm if the assailant is within 21 FEET!!!

The attacker can get to them and attack before they can make use of their gunSource, Officer Brian Morrison

 Karate Adults Cape Cod Hyannis - cape cod karate - cape cod self defense - karate hyannis
You will learn the Art of ... 
Chinese Boxing   
Chinese boxing has no constraints. It uses the entire body as a weapon. It was never designed as a game.

Chinese Kickboxing is a martial art which was originally developed by the Chinese military based upon the study and practices of traditional Kung fu and modern combat fighting techniques; it combines close range and rapid successive punches and kicks, with wrestling, take- downs, throws sweeps, kick catches, and even elbow and knee strikes.

The cornerstone of Chinese boxing is the study of energy use and control. It seeks to generate power and to control oncoming force without depending on physical size or strength. 

The key to this goal is the mastery of one's own energy and the manipulation of the adversary's. 

For this reason, Chinese boxing is also known as "energy boxing". The central skills of Chinese boxing do not deteriorate with age. While muscular strength and speed inevitably deteriorate, internal energy may be cultivated indefinitely. 

Thus, the energy boxer may continue to grow in combative efficacy as he grows older. Many of the masters of Chinese boxing, in fact, are in their 60's or 70's. 

Despite their age, they are feared fighters. This is in stark contrast to most athletic activities, in which yesterday's champions are today's has-beens.

As well as defending yourself, You will learn the REAL secret to Grandmaster Jim Brassard's teachings.....
"If you want to understand everything better, look Deep
into Nature." - Albert Einstein
In the Jungle there are Prey, and Then there are Predators. 
The prey do not bother the predators.....and predators don't bother each other, unless for food or mating rites.

When we praise a person's physical abilities, we often compare them to an animal - we say he's as strong as a bull, free as a bird or runs like a cheetah.

An animal uses all of its motion to accomplish its goal. They do what works. And among students, the best are the ones who are most like animals.

The Ancient Chinese Masters discovered that by moving like the animals, they could triple their strength and health, as well as develop a way of defending themselves the likes of which have never been seen before by man.
The movements of Self Defense & Exercise you will learn are based on the Five Shaolin Kung-Fu Animals.......
And this training has worked for over 2,000 years!!!

We Teach Combat Fitness Exercises not Found Anywhere on Cape Cod.
The secret to our fitness program is also found in Nature. As you just learned, we study and mimic the animals of the wild.
The Ancient Chinese Masters discovered that by imitating the way they move, they could develop Super-Human strength and endurance, as well as developing a way of defending themselves.

The animals are the strongest, healthiest creatures on Earth

Did you know that the Strongest Animals in the Jungle is MOSTLY related to us???

A chimpanzee, pound for pound, has as much as twice the strength of a human when it came to pulling weights. The average gorilla is approximately 10 times as strong. If humans had the same pound-for-pound strength as gorillas, we would be able to lift 1,800 lbs.
And did you know we share 98% of the same DNA as these creatures.
Martial Arts Icon Bruce lee incorporated these exercises into his training, which led to his Super-Human abilities.

Some examples are, he had the punching power of 350 pounds. The boxing champion Muhammad Ali could also hit the same
amount of pounds, but Lee was just 130 pounds in weight, while Ali 260 pounds.
He could do ONE ARM push ups with ONLY TWO FINGERS, as well as ONE arm pull ups!!!

So you can be sure that these exercises will Build more Strength, and remove more Fat than any other activity known on the planet.

GM Jim Brassard
NOTE: GM Jim Brassard is the author of Three
Combat Fitness, Body Power and Push Up Power.

Muscle and Fitness Magazine rated Martial Arts training as the number one calorie burning workout at over 800 calories an hour!!!

GM Brassard with
Ji Han Jae The Hapkido Fighter that Bruce Lee fights in 
"Game of Death"
Receiving Awards 
at the 
Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame in NJ.

Bruce Lee & Ji Han Jae in Game of Death

You will get FAST Results!!!
And if you wanna get fast results you...

Gotta Go Old School
Sports scientist from other countries such as Bulgaria and Russia found through many tests that ONLY moving your body through space during exercise that MAXIMUM RESULTS can be achieved. (Just like the animals of the wild)

AND, ONLY through this manner Critical Hormones are released that are largely responsible for Growth. 

These results validate what the strongest men who ever lived, such as Siegmund Breitbart, Charles Atlas, Joe Bonomo and Bruce Lee knew all along.

When this information was implemented into their training, these countries began trouncing the world.

Even the small country of Bulgaria became a force to recon with. 
Siegmund Breitbart known in the 20's as "Zishe" was billed during his 
1923 American tour as "The Superman of the Ages," which inspired Joe Siegal and Jerry Shuster to create the iconic superhero Superman in 1933. 

The Polish Jew performed his death-defying feats in 1923 and 1924 in Cleveland and Toronto, Siegel and Shuster's respective hometowns, when they were impressionable nine year olds.  
Zishe could hold back TWO horse being whipped, carry a baby elephant up a ladder while in his teeth was a rope with a locomotive wheel attached to it and 3 men dangling from it!!! 

He could bit through iron chains or tore them apart, and could even rip horseshoes in half. 

Breitbart also wore a cape, and according to circus advertisements, was able to stop a speeding locomotive.

Sound familiar???

Mind you...this was before modern gyms, bodybuilding and the use of steroids to enhance strength, which dates back to about 1931.

His feats of strength have not all been duplicated to this day. In fact they made a movie about his life called "The Invincible".


And that's the type of Combat Training we teach you.
You'll watch unwanted pounds disappear as you tone and build muscle with our full body program...As well as learn an Art that will save your life if the time ever comes. 

That's Fitness with a Purpose. 
"A wise man is Strong, yea and a man of 
knowledge Increases Strength.
Proverbs 24:5 King Solomon. 

The Bible says King Solomon was the Wisest Man to have ever lived excluding Jesus Christ.

And as the same time you are developing a Olympic Body, you will also be learning...

-How to deal effectively with the most common attacks

-Strategic Targeting Secrets
Learning how to Strike the Right Targets, in the Right Order, at Just the Right Angle as to Multiply the Effect.

-Effective and logical defense against weapons

-Pressure/Pain Points that can Drop an attacker with just ONE STRIKE!!!

-Defenses against chokes, locks and holds

- The 11 Hands of the Buddha, a System of blocking which will literally make you Invincible 
to ALL Punching and Kicking Attacks. 
Once Mastered...it will be Impossible
 for anyone to ever touch you AGAIN!!!

So, Are You Ready to Give Yourself a Life of Health and Security???

If so, then are two requirements to participate in GM Brassard's Martial Arts Classes....
1st, Our classes are year-round. All participants train with us 12 months of the year(Not including vacations and holidays or any medical reasons). We would not be able to give you ANY of the results promised otherwise....as well as they can never achieve Black Belt.
2nd, We are a Black Belt School. You should be committed to achieving a Black Belt. This will take some time, but is priceless when it is achieved, AND...
Mr. Myagi
"A Black Belt is Not what you Earn, Not what you Wear,
it's what YOU BECOME!!!"
The reasons for these requirements are because GM Brassard only teaches a couple days a week to the public, so is looking for Students that want the benefits of his training and the commitment to achieve them....AND Class Space is VERY Limited.
NEXT: We start with a Trial Month for ONLY $129 for two classes a week. (Note: You must come to two classes a week for the program to be effective) 
We do this trial month to make sure you are ready for our program, and to see if this is for you. Classes are held at 141 Bassett Lane Hyannis Ma

Home of the Kennedy Memorial Skating Rink
For Adults & Teen classes are at 6:30-7:30 PM Tuesday and Thursday.
IF you complete the trial period and are approved to become a student of Grandmaster Brassard, then you will get your Karate suit and membership fees are payed every four months for $499.
This fee will include ALL Testing Fees. Most schools charge up to $100 to be tested, which can be every 2-3 months. When your get promoted to the next rank, there will be no charge

AND as an added bonus with your membership, you AND your family are entitled to the use of the facility. It has pool tables, Ping-Pong tables, a running track, TWO skating rinks and a basketball court....not to mention a food court as well.  

Feel free to come in early and hit some hoops or use the running track to warm up before class, or just sit and have a coffee in the food court.

You also support Your Town of Barnstable with your tuition.

"Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity."
- President John F. Kennedy

Here's What To Do Next...
From here it's just finalizing the details. Give us a call to make sure we have an opening. If so, then you can click on the button below to enroll, or pay at the school.
Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and we look forward to working with you.

CALL NOW (508)-771-0111
Leave us your number and we'll contact you.
"Nothing Happens Until Something Moves."
- Albert Einstein

Yours in the Martial Arts,
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