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“Learn the most effective Strength Training and Self Defense program available in the country!!!!”



The martial arts were originally aimed towards life preservation, but today people come from all walks of life, each with their own set of reasons. Some for Self Defense, others want to fight in tournaments, OR to become…..

Incredibly Fit!!!

And our Combat Fitness and Martial Arts do just that!!!

You’ll Increase Strength, Power, Flexibility and Endurance all at the same time!!






“The weakness of one muscle or vital organ may cause the wreck of a

Person’s entire life.” - Siegmund Breitbart




Here are just 7 reasons of what we can do for you.....



1. You'll burn off fat and can eat more than normal and still look good.


2. You’ll pack FUNCTIONAL muscle faster than you think.

3. You don't need equipment, and can train anywhere

4. You can get a killer workout in just 2 classes a week.

5. Eliminate pain from weight lifting (Bruce Lee only hurt himself when using weights, not these exercises and routines)

6. You'll turn back this clock and look younger.

And most importunately

7. You will know how to Protect Yourself and your loved ones if the time ever comes!!!






"When It Comes To Protecting Yourself... You Are ALL Alone!"

  • Police cannot protect and are not legally liable for failing to protect individual citizens.
  • "Warren v. District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Dept.,444 A.2d 1(D.C. App. 1981), the courts stated: Courts have without exception concluded that when a municipality or other governmental entity undertakes to furnish police services, it assumes a duty only to the public at large and not to individual members of the community"
  • A former Attorney General told Florida legislators that police responded to only 200,000 of 700,000 calls for help to Dade County authorities.
  • Back in 1989 there were 168,881 crimes of violence for which police had not responded within 1 hour.
  • Can you imagine what the numbers are today???


Did you know that???...... 

·       One rape or sexual assault occurs every two minutes.

·       One violent crime occurs every five seconds in the U.S.

·       One murder occurs every 34 minutes.


So that’s why…….


Our Self Defense program is second to none!!!


 The system is based on logic and the laws of physics. So you can be assured that what you will learn is effective and can save your life!!!


We will teach all the 4 ways of fighting known to man.

That is…

1.     Striking Arts:  (punching, striking - open or closed hand) or use of any part of the arms, elbows, forearms, etc.

2.     Kicking Arts: Using the legs to defend and attack with.

3.     Grappling Arts: Wrestling, holding, breaking, locking bones or joints against pressure points

4.     Felling Arts: That is to knock an opponent off his feet by throwing, tripping, pulling, pushing, shoving, or scooping him


You will learn all 4 dimensions of fighting and how to use them to your advantage, and…. how to defend against them as well!!!



Here are some examples of what you will learn…


·        How to deal effectively with the most common attacks.

·        Quick and effective defense and escapes from life threatening attacks.

·        Defense against all chokes, strangles and holds.

·        Strategic targeting secrets. Learning to strike the proper targets just the right way.

·        Defending against attacks from the front and rear.

·        Effective defenses against a knife, club or gun attack.

·        Defense against all types of pushes or punching attacks.

·       Pain points that can drop any attacker with just one strike!!!!


And while learning the most advanced method of self defense available, you will also….


Create Muscle and Vaporize Fat Automatically!!!


A large part of our training is on strength and conditioning. So the techniques you learn will be even more effective, your fat will disappear quickly, and you will gain strength quicker than any other method known.

Muscle and Fitness Magazine rated this type of training as the number one calorie burning workout at over 800 calories an hour!!!


Hey Jim,

“Sorry I wasn't in class the other night but I've been going through a few trials lately. I do have a bone to pick with you though; my pants don't fit me anymore! Seriously, I've lost 2 inches on my waist and I now have muscles growing over my elbows. Your exercises do weird things to me. Doing Hindu pushups with my feet spread apart made me sore in the tops of my inner thigh. I didn't even know you could work those muscles! I'll see you thurs. night and keep up the good work.”


Dave Wordell

We give you fast results,


 and if You wanna get fast results, YA GOTTA GO OLD SCHOOL!!!!


Sports scientist from other countries such as Bulgaria and Russia through many tests found that it is…


ONLY through moving your body thru space during exercise that MAXIMUM RESULTS can be achieved!!!


And only thru this manner critical hormones are released that are largely responsible for growth.


These results validate what the strongest men who ever lived such as Siegmund Breitbart, Joe Bonomo and Charles Atlas knew all along.


When this information was implemented into their training, these countries began trouncing the world!!! Even the small country of Bulgaria became a force to recon with.




And that’s the type of Martial Art and Combat Training we teach in our school!!!


 You’ll watch unwanted pounds disappear as you tone and build muscle with our full body program. Our classes are High-Energy, loads of fun and they really work!!


No more excuses!!!


Hey Jim


“Back in February I was in a snowmobile accident. I broke 3 ribs, bruised my lung and broke 3 bones in my back that are attached to the spinal cord. I was in ICU for a few days then ended up in bed for over 7 weeks healing. I was told that it would be at least a year before my body would be back to normal. I went to physical therapy for 6 weeks on the advice of my doctor. I found that it helped a bit, but I was still in pain and wasn't able to accomplish the jobs I usually did at work.


Finally, a friend of mine suggested I take your class. Thankfully I took his advice. I have found that my pain is less and less the more I am involved in your class. I am much more flexible, my muscles are stronger and my body is getting back to the way it was before my accident. I am able to go through the day and meet the physical expectations at my job along with my regular daily activity.


The strength training that you teach is different than any other that I have experienced. See you next week.”


Jason West




“And you cannot have Health without Strength or have Strength without Health.” – Joe Bonomo


Are you ready to give yourself Health and Security???


If so Then….

Give us a try for just $99 which includes:

-4 weeks of lessons

-Karate Uniform and Belt

-Yellow Belt DVD, for home study


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“A wise man is Strong, yea and a man of knowledge increases Strength.”- Proverbs 24:5 King Solomon




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